Why I won’t post on Tuesday

I’m about to board the plane for Omaha and it is already past my bedtime. Day 7 was a blast and very, very busy. I’d show you my pictures except my camera cords are in my suitcase and it is checked luggage because it’s big.

So bear with me for a day or so while I ride this bucking bronco of a schedule.

We should be able to return to our regularly scheduled posts on Wednesday morning. Or maybe Thursday. Definitely Friday!


Laurie, who will start whining if this plane doesn’t show up soon.

2 Replies to “Why I won’t post on Tuesday”

  1. sounds like alot of fun!!
    I’m happy your having a blast!!

    my school had a banned book project and I chose “Speak”, the project is over and now I’m re-reading it!! It truly is an amazing book.

    have fun in Omaha!

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