Friday Five

1. Central New York Literary Event Alert! To celebrate Banned Books Week next week, the Onondaga County Library System is hosting a reception for and presentation by Carolyn Mackler, author of wonderful books like The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things, and Vegan Virgin Valentine next Wednesday. BH and I will be there – why don’t you join us?

2. Central New York Literary Event Alert #2! I will be speaking about Chains at the B&N Educators’ Night on Tuesday, October 14, at 7pm.

3. I love Strange Maps.

4. Thank you to TeensReadToo for a lovely review of Chains. And to KLIATT, too, for the pretty star.

5. I believe that the concept of “gluttony” when applied to eating apples just picked at the farm around the corner is better described as “celebration.”

9 Replies to “Friday Five”

  1. “gluttony”

    I agree with your description of “gluttony” and Mr. Clark’s apples! Another description that would fit our family along with “celebration” is “tradition”. We have gone every year, even when I had to climb the ladder with a cast on my foot! It is one last outing before the weather becomes to unpredictable.

  2. YAY!!!!!! I’m SO excited that you and BH will be attending our Banned Books Week event! I will be there too, and now I’m doubly excited – to meet Carolyn Mackler AND to meet you! I just read both of the Mackler titles you mentioned and loved them. It will be very interested to hear her speak on teens and book banning.

  3. Carolyn Mackler’s books have totally changed my life. I saw myself in VVV, and my sister in THe Earth, My Butt, etc.

    Come back to the Pacific Northwest, please, Laurie!!!

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