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  1. In a word:


    I am so glad you shared that, because I might not have seen it otherwise and now it will carry me through the rest of the day and maybe until Sunday when I can share it with HH, whose brother, we are sure, has Aspberger’s.

  2. I’m divorced and I have a 15 year old son with Aspergers. That poem really made me cry.

    I think I’m in love with Sherman Alexie for caring so much about that boy.

  3. Oh my word, Sherman Alexie. I love him so, so much. I live in eternal hope that I can convince him to come and talk with my students (we read his poetry and Reservation Blues.

    Thanks for posting that link.

  4. Sherman Alexie Poem

    Damn straight it rocks! LIke feelin’ the clickity clack sounds as the train car rolls on down the tracks,,I love it! AND it’s totally the heart, and soul, breath, and whatever of a teen…right on.

    Also lovin’ the links Laurie for poetry…feed me my friend. I been ridin’ a manuscript for, going on 5-years, need something new to get them
    juices flown’–fresh spring mornon’ air to fill these lungs of stagnant suburban air..

  5. My mom teaches special ed, my brother is deaf and has other learning disabilities (and now had schizoaffective disorder) and the little sister of my best friend from when I was little has spinabifida.
    Even as a young kid I realized what a gift those people and experiences were

  6. Great poem from one terrific writer. I think writing poetry can make every fiction writer’s work stronger. Thanks for sharing!


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