I’m not sure how to explain this video. Um….

It’s a bit of pre-Newbery/Caldecott dinner madness combined with Project Runway reactions. So it’s kind of silly and fun and you might get a charge out of watching it. The masterminds behind the piece are Maria van Lieshout, Jim Averback, and Betsy Bird helped, too.

They also posted longer bits from their interviews with people like Ambassador Scieszka, Mo Willems, Roger Sutton, Linda Sue, Park, Betsy Bird, John Green, Yuyi Morales, Matt Faulkner (who illustrated THANK YOU SARAH, and INDEPENDENT DAMES), Brian Kenney, Don Wood, Nathan Hale, Sid Fleischman, Ellen Hopkins, Tracie Vaughn Zimmer, Susan Kusel and Jen Robinson, Samantha McFerrin, and Mark von Bargen. Very, very fun! Thank you Maria and Jim and Betsy!

Today’s goal: Write for 15 minutes.

Today’s mindset: silly.

Today’s prompt: Write a picture book. You have 16 two-page spreads and 500 words in which to tell a story. You need a character, a conflict, rising tension and resolution. Oh, and a beginning, middle, and end. The character needs to solve her own problem. Don’t spend much time describing how things look – the art will take care of that. Focus on action and dialog. Hint: verbs are your friend today.

Do not despair if it takes longer than 15 minutes to do this. My picture books take months and months. But you can get started today!


7 Replies to “Me on PROJECT RUNWAY & WFMAD Day 16”


    YEAH! Laurie won Project Runway!!!! That is so clever and I had a blast watching it. Plus your dress is cute and so deserving of the prize. Thanks for linking it.

  2. Two weeks, give or take. They had to get various permissions from some of the interviewees.

  3. Congrats

    Hi Laurie,

    So glad you enjoyed the video. And, of course, congratulations on the big win. Heidi, Michael and Nina send their love.

    Take care,

    Jim and Maria

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