When maps don’t know where you are & WFMAD Day 15

No, we don’t live that far north.

While I would never want to live in Los Angeles, an upcoming art exhibition makes a trip tempting. Dave McKean’s work will be at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery 7/19-8/16.

From the comfort of your own home you can enter David Macinnis Gill’s ARC Giveaway Contest!

My desk is aswarm with note and books and articles, my head is buzzing with voices that I am trying to get down on paper. While I’m researching and writing, I’m making a little time to sketch a little, too. There are so many vivid images in this story, I’m trying to understand them in as many ways as possible.

Today’s goal: Write for 15 minutes. Maybe draw something, too.

Today’s mindset: seeking.

Today’s prompt: Write about a family secret. You can burn the paper when you’re done if you don’t want anyone to know. Or write about a family secret that you wish were yours. Or about a family secret in your character’s life that s/he doesn’t know about.


8 Replies to “When maps don’t know where you are & WFMAD Day 15”

  1. I wonder why the soldier would wear that wristlet. It would interfere with his ability to aim accurately (same for the rings), and unless he was a formation shooter, its jingling would be a dead giveaway in guerrilla fighting.

  2. It’s actually a museum display. You’re right – way too clean, but a dirt-appropriate version would probably horrify (though enlighten!) museum-goers.

  3. I am sure I am way off but all I could think of when I looked at this picture was Hawkeye from The Last of the Moheicans.

  4. Another half day. Boy, I’m seeing a weekday trend…but with everything else I’ve got going on, this will just have to do. 🙂

    I’m setting this prompt aside for future use. What a great idea!!

  5. Thanks for the map–we’re not that far north, either, and definitely not straight north of Syracuse. Well, technically “we” are east of Burlington. But really and truly, we are south and west of Eden, where the Gihon does, in fact, flow. Oh, those crazy Calvinists.

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