The more things change…..

BH went underground and came up with the right box of family photos. I’m not exactly sure why I’m doing this, but babies make people do strange things.

This photo was taken in 1933. The baby is my mother, held by her mother, with her mother to the left and the grande dame, Hundreds-Great-Grandma Ida to the right. (It’s OK, you can say it. I think Grandma Ida looks scary as hell, too.)

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Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

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  1. Does anyone else notice the strong family resemblance between Lisa’s daughter April and your grandmother? Wow!

    I now know where the long slender fingers and hands of the women in your family come from, thank you Great Grandma Ida. I grew up with your sister and always envied her for her long slender extremities. I was as tall as your sister but was never as willowy. I am totally jealous, ha!

    No comment on “Scary Great-Great Grandma Ida” I’ve got my own scary family pictures. Thanks for sharing!

    Oh, I almost forgot, my daughter just finished Fever and loved it. In her teen language it was a “little icky in parts but it was like really really interesting”.

  2. That is such a great picture. I have one of my great grandmother (who lived to be a 101), my grandmother (thankfully still here), my mother and I when I was about 3 or 4. I’m due to have a baby in May and can’t wait to re-create that picture with a new generation.

  3. OMIGOD! That’s Peg! Frowning into the sun! And that’s Joyce?? I’m just going bonkers here. I’ve been dragging co-workers over to the computer to show them this picture – and the last post with the baby. Can you imagine what these dear ladies would’ve said if someone had told them (70+ years ago) that we would be looking at this picture now?

  4. Wow! That is marvelous! I love all the details of the picture, from their dresses and positions to their shoes and expressions.


  5. I am loving your grandmother’s shoes. At first I thought they were sandals.

    As for Ida, scowl aside, I think that you and her share a strong family resemblence. (As much as one can tell through pictures.)

  6. icon love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    where did you get it? this is the first pic of her ive ever seen that matches my mental image, and believe me, ive tried. perrin and faile are my fav characters while i read them, but i have yet to find any fan- or other- art that does them justice. its very aggravating. i would be beyond appreciative if you would share a link!

  7. Family members of mine have been into genealogy for a long time. We have many, many photos of old women from those days, and most of them look just as scary as Ida, or more.

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