Mom’s special birthday delivery

Yep, he made it on time; Kegan Alexander, 7 pounds, 12 ounces (much of that seems to be lung)!

Mom was able to end her 77th birthday visiting her new great-grandson, who was also celebrating a birthday.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic There was much cooing.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Four generations, from the left: my sister, Lisa, her daughter, April, the new star, Kegan, and Joyce, the mom, grandmom & great-grandmom.

Buried somewhere deep in the forest in another 4-generation photo. In that one, my mom is the infant, accompanied by Peg, her mother, Ethel, her grandmother, and Ida, her great-grandmother. If I am counting on my fingers right, grandmom Ida is Kegan’s great-great-great-great-grandmother (born in 1866, died 1935).

I need to work on two chapters today. I’ll look for the picture during the break between them. My head is spinning from all this family stuff. I need to hang out with my characters to get my bearings back.

16 Replies to “Mom’s special birthday delivery”

  1. kegan is gorgeous, which seems a little odd to me, since i always hear jokes about how ugly newborns are, and whenever i watch a movie with a pregnancy/delivery and the newborn has hair, everyone scoffs. kegan is breaking down barriers.

  2. We are often mistaken for twins…. until we open our mouths. She has one of the purest Central New York accents you’ll ever hear. My accent has been modified by time overseas, in Maryland, and in Philly, yo.

  3. What an amazing, glorious, stupendous, beautiful little bundle! Welcome to the world Kegan Alexander!!!

  4. Are you referring to the CNY nasally sort of twang Great “ANT” Laurie? I was born and raised here and when I lived downstate for a while people would always bring it to my attention. I really notice it when I hear someone from CNY on T.V. or the radio doing a local commercial.

  5. My theory is that the bizarre weather systems in Central New York permanently warp the sinus cavities, thus creating a nasal tone so sharp it can etch glass.

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