Photo-free post, filled with authors

Babies are loverly, nostalgic family photos are a blast, but neither has anything to do with my story. I worked yesterday and the day before, but without the focus that I might have wished for. Today, the laser-focus is back and I am about to crawl inside a couple of chapters.

Before I do, I’d like to salute some fellow authors:

Sherman Alexie had an awesome 2007 (I suspect 2008 will be just as fun) and talks about it in this interview.

I’m still stoked about the appointment of Ambassador Jon Scieszka and you should be, too. Read an older interview in which he describes his Guys Read program.

Many hearty congratulations to all of the Cybils YA finalists!!! If you are looking for a good list of books, start with their recommendations.

I will be answering some excellent writing questions submitted by Sherry tomorrow. I promise.

Now… I seem to have misplaced the motivation for chapter sixteen…. is it in the microwave, no…. under those books…. maybe the dog hid it…..

7 Replies to “Photo-free post, filled with authors”

  1. I will be reading one of Sherman Alexie’s books in my Young Adult Literature class this semester…The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian. Apparently he’s from the area where I go to school, or close to, and I think I read somewhere that he’s a WSU alum. Go Cougs! Also, the first book we’ve been assigned to read in that class is Speak. =)

  2. It’s definitely going to be an interesting class. We’re also reading Sara Zarr’s Story of a Girl; Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower; and many others.

  3. Santa Claus brought me an autographed copy of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian for Christmas. It was one of my best presents.

  4. Hi, You are amazing! =D When I was given my jr. english research project I knew exactly who my author was to be. However, I have reached a problem, I need an official bio or autobiography of my author. :/ I was wondering if you could help direct me towards one?
    P.S. Speak makes me cry everytime I read it….thank you for writting it

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