Santa’s coming! I know him! I know him!

Isn’t this an awesome day??????

Santa is already getting busy with it.

It’s snowing again.

We have sugar plums and rice pudding for the nisse in our future. And we have to watch Elf (which BH hates) so we can scream out all the best lines.

After last minute hurrying and scurrying, we’ll head out to the back meadow tonight to watch the full moon rise. This is known as the Cold Moon or the Long Night’s Moon. And then I will put on my kerchief and Papa will put on his cap, and we will both settle down to a long winter’s nap.

The folks here in the Forest send our best wishes to everyone and lots of Light in the darkness.

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16 Replies to “Santa’s coming! I know him! I know him!”

  1. Of all the wonderful things I have heard of your BH, I do believe his apparent hatred of Elf does detract from them a bit. . .

    Regardless, a very Merry Christmas to you! May it be relaxing and snow-filled 🙂


  2. Even the strongest relationships have a couple of weak points. I can forgive him his misguided Elf-hatred and he forgives me my inability to watch any scary movie rated above PG.

  3. hope you had a very merry christmas! and i hope you enjoyed elf. i agree with your BH, i hate that movie too. but i do like the “santa! i know him!” line though. again merry christmas! miss you! =) ♥

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