The 12 Days of You Know What – MWitF Version

I tinkered with the lyrics, you know the tune.

Everybody sing along!

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

12 months of a patient husband
11 wandering characters
10 journals overflowing
9 thousand emails blinking
8 parties tempting
7 overdue library books
6 social networks friending
5 miles on the treadmill!!!
4 kids doing laundry
3 long to-do lists
2 pots of coffee
1 killer novel deadline

What is your version of the song?

6 Replies to “The 12 Days of You Know What – MWitF Version”

  1. On the twelfth day of our road trip, my mommy gave to me…

    12 feet of snow
    11 hours of drinking
    10 pots of coffee
    9 hours of driving
    8 smelly feet
    7 tanks of gas
    6 loads of laundry
    5 tons of luggage
    4 college students
    3 buckets of fries
    2 pounds of potatoes

    and an empty keg of beer

  2. 12 napkin rings
    11 ribbon bows
    10 unwrapped boxes
    9 rolls of paper
    8 icy snow days
    7 hours driving
    6 special preludes
    5 ex-tra guests. . .
    4 office parties
    3 trimmed trees
    2 grandkids
    and a freaked out Siamese cat.

  3. Let’s see…

    12 months left of school
    11 bucks on my debit card
    10 more pounds gained
    9 minutes late to work
    8 hours of cooking
    7 friends a-calling
    6 customers yelling
    5 weeks of stress
    4 worn out tires
    3 hundred dollars short
    2 dozen cookies baked
    only one of my presents are wrapped

  4. oh gosh…hmm…let’s see…this will be random…
    12 times i wrote the presidents to practice for my history exam
    11 times i tried to figure out my final grade for history
    10 days since i got done with first semester
    9 pictures i took with my best friend in rhode island
    8 gigabytes i have left on my iPod (and i need to delete some songs)
    7 days until new year’s eve
    6 dozen cookies we baked for project share
    5 days since my sister turned sixteen and got her permit
    4 times i want to see alvin and the chipmunks
    3 cats who won’t leave the christmas tree alone
    2 weeks since i saw my best friend in rhode island
    and this girl who’s excited for christmas!

  5. Haha! Oh man. Seven or eight years ago, my mom and I collaborated on a parody of that song called “The 12 Days of Stemcells” ’cause my sister was in the hospital getting a stemcell transplant. I can’t remember how it goes, and the paper that it was written on is lost somewhere, which is a shame. It was really funny.
    I think for “5”, it was something like “Five doctors on call!”

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