promises fulfilled, words flying, dark gathering

This is the shortest day of the year – a very, very good day to reflect and write.

Looking back on my 2007 goals, here is what I accomplished:

1. No melanoma, no cancer. Yes!!
2. Finish CHAINS. YES!!
3. Blog regularly, don’t let it take over. Check.
4. Finish first draft of YA due in early 2008. (Working on 2nd draft today!)
5. Do more fun things. (Canning! Knitting!)
6. Don’t waste time on stupid websites. (I got rid of a lot of bookmarks and keep a real book next to my computer when I feel the need for distraction.)

Here is what I almost accomplished:
1. Run consistent 9 minute miles by December (I am running consistent 9:15 minute miles.)
2. Exercise at least four times a week. (This was ruined during book tour and spring travel, but I am back on track now.)
3. Complete plot outlines for next two historicals. (Still doing the research.)

And this still needs work:
1. Website overhaul.
2. Deal with fanmail more efficiently
3. Run half-marathon and 10Ks (I did a couple of 5Ks, but didn’t get in enough mileage for longer races)
4. Read more for fun.
5. Ski. (didn’t make time or room in the budget for it)

Unexpected challenge: my brain was so tired in August I could not write. Don’t want to get that tired again.
Unexpected joy: The trip to Poland was incredible. Still thinking about it.

(There are a couple of more personal items, too, but I don’t have to tell you guys everything.)

From now until New Year’s I will ponder next year’s energy and where I want to spend it. The rest of the day for me will be writingwritingwritingwritingwritingwritingwritingwritingwritingwritingwriting.

I leave you with this. Solstice always makes me think of Stonehenge and this is lovely.

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  1. It’s really awesome that you accomplished and have nearly accomplished so many of your goals. Many of us wish that we could accomplish that much ourselves.
    I hope you have a good day writing.
    That video of Stonehenge is beautiful and very well done. It’s a very good tribute.

  2. … and you got to meet a cool girl named Ronni! (That would be me.) *giggle*

    So glad your year was good! Here’s to an amazing 2008, and can’t wait for your next book!

  3. I read one of your books a while back and have been following your journal since…(hope that doesnt sound creepy) and since you mentioned Solstice, I decided I should comment! Merry Yule time everyone! (i love your books, waiting for the next one) hmm, maybe i should follow your example and accomplish some of my own goals. ^-^

  4. I had the same burnout in August, too… except mine lasted August, September and October! Ouch!

    Your goals are very inspiring. It’s nice to look back on all the things you wanted to do and see how many of them got done, even if it’s not all of them!

  5. Oh, it’s that time of the year to reflect on goals and set out new ones…crap. Well it sounds like you did a pretty good job :). I agree completely with the read more for fun one, I started doing that just now near the end of the year.

    And I must ask, have you ever read The Wave by Todd Strasser? I’d like to hear your thoughts on it. Personally, I thought it was brilliant and I couldn’t put it down from the second I picked it up.

    Also, how would one go about asking for you to try and appear at a specific location for your next YA book tour, whenever that may be?

  6. Haven’t heard about that Strasser book. I’ll have to look for it.

    My next YA book tour (I think they will send me out again (fingers crossed)) will be in the spring of 2009. You want to contact

    My next book tour, however, is scheduled for the fall of 2008 in support of the historical novel that Simon & Schuster is publishing. (That is next year – gasp.) I’m not sure who you’d contact about that. I will look into it.

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