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  1. My boyfriend is a graphic designer. It’s nice going to the store and having him point out all the things that have been changed in a photograph. 🙂

    By the way, I won a signed copy of Twisted in the snow contest ages ago, but never received it…I’ve moved since, and if it’s vanished in the mail, well…so be it, I’ll buy another copy 🙂 But if you haven’t sent, I need to give you my new address!

  2. I was appalled by the way they changed Faith Hill, and wondered if it was done with her consent. If I were her, I’d be plenty pissed that they made those changes with the implication that I wasn’t good enough for the cover.

    It’ll be easy to join your boycott because I don’t buy or read those magazines.

  3. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should watch Killing Us Softly 3, a documentary by Jean Kilbourne. It’s all about body image and magazines. It was an excellent video (I saw it on YouTube) and was absolutely heartbreaking.

  4. I agree. It’s so sick how the fashion magazines show how women are ‘suppose’ to look. I live in Southern Ca and I know of women who aren’t yet 30 who have botox injections and plastic surgery just so they can look like one of the models or actresses on television. One former teacher I worked with had a boob job because her husband loved Pamela Anderson. How sick is that?

    This is one reason why I LOVE America Ferrera. She shows it’s okay to be curvy and to be proud of her Latina heritage. A great role model for young girls.

  5. LOVE that one. We (psych club) showed it last fall at my college. We really should have had more time for discussion afterwards, but whatever.

  6. If I was God, Abercrombie and Calvin Klein would definitely be near the top of my smiting list. I mean who the fuck uses underage porn to sell clothing? That’s just ridiculous. And incredibly wrong. And slimey. And I’m gonna go before I really get started…

  7. I already boycott those magazines; I don’t buy them. Not only don’t they interest me, but they piss me off for just this reason…

  8. This is off the subject of your post, and perhaps I am just being a big geek in mentioning this, but I thought that you might like to know. Tonight on Jeopardy, one of the questions in a category called “On the Bookshelf” was about your book Fever 1793. I just thought that was cool that there’s a Jeopardy question about you (well, your book anyway). I wish I were that awsomely cool! 🙂

  9. thanks for posting about this. (it looks like they shaved about two inches off of faith’s arm!) at dinner tonight it was refreshing when a friend asked, “you look so healthy. did you gain weight?” (because in her culture more weight is healthier!) imagine that!

  10. Oh, Redbook, we hardly knew ye.

    On the bright side, Ladies Home Journal had a photo of Paula Deen last month . . . and no, she didn’t get down to 150 lbs for it like Oprah on Vogue (God, I’d forgotten that photo — Oprah looked like she was going through chemo or something). She looked nice.

  11. i agree wholeheartedly. actually one of my friends and i were talking about the same thing on the phone last night. well, not the magazine part, just the part about unrealistic bodies and how everyone thinks they have to be stick thin. i told her i don’t worry about what i eat or anything like that. she just stays in shape and tries to eat healthy. we’re going to come up with a fitness plan together when we see each other again and motivate each other to exercise. oh, and i also wanted to let you know that you are officially famous because your book fever 1793 was used in a clue on jeopardy! last night. i heard and saw it and started freaking out lol. just thought you might like to know that. miss you and hope things are going well for you! oh, are you planning on going to see hairspray? i’m going today, but i didn’t know if you were. i’m glad you liked the new harry potter movie! hope you like the last book too! =) ♥

  12. Re: Amen!

    I have watched this video a million times in the past year.. and love it every time i watch it.. it makes me feel more comfortable in the skin I am in.

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