We have waves of kids coming and going at our house; home from college, breezing through town, happy to crash on a couch, always hungry, full of giggles. It’s awesome. It’s summer.

This makes the writing a little harder to sneak in, but I get in a couple of hours most mornings before anyone wakes up. I am in the earliest stages of finding a new story, so I can’t talk about it yet. Muses are forest creatures. They startle easily and run away if you make too much noise. So shhhhhh…….

We went to the Sterling Renaissance Festival on Sunday, all garbed out and loving life. Will probably go again this weekend. I wish they would hold sleepovers there. I know this is a totally ridiculous idea, but I wish I really could step through a portal into those past worlds. But I am not fond of head lice or tuberculosis or the Black Death, so I want my fantasy world to come with antibiotics and soap. And popcorn; I don’t go much longer than 48 hours without popcorn.

We go to Ren Faires every year, but we have never traveled far afield to do it. We’ve been to the one in Sterling (BH and I went to that one for the first time 27 years ago!), and the one in Pennsylvania, and a long time ago, I went to the one in Maryland. Have you been to any others? Should we plan a vacation around one that is beyond fantastical?

Maybe I like to drift off into pretend versions of the past because the present is so awful and scary.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Here is my nephew, Ryan. (Wave to Ryan, everyone.) He went to Iraq last week. That is a really hard thing to come to terms with.

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  1. *waves to Ryan*

    You are very fortunate to know where your soldier is. I wish I knew where mine was.

    (It’s a rare early morning for me and I am on a sentimental streak today.)

  2. .. crying now ..

    I had a horible dream last night that Alex and Chris were of age to get drafted. It sucked.

    On the plus side, only 5 people I know are “over there” now. Ryan took the place of two others I guess.

    Can’t wait to see you in a few hours!!!!!!!!(check your email)

  3. *waves to Ryan* I’ll keep him in my thoughts. It’s rough to live in this world right now. We send our young men and women off to war; and we also send our children off to school as though it is war. Which in some ways, both emotionally and literally, it is. It’s not right, it’s scary and I wish we could go back to say, the 50’s. Like the movie Pleasantville (which I think you would really like.) It’s hard. My cousin is “over there” somewhere and it’s hard on his family. My aunt is on a constant high alert. Any news at all from over there is the possibility of bad news. It’s not healthy for them(obviously) or us here at home.

    I wish they would just figure out what they are doing and finish it up soon.

  4. We almost went to Sterling on Saturday. If I can find a ride and some cash, I’d like to take my little brother at some point this summer.

  5. >>I know this is a totally ridiculous idea, but I wish I really could step through a portal into those past worlds. But I am not fond of head lice or tuberculosis or the Black Death, so I want my fantasy world to come with antibiotics and soap. And popcorn; I don’t go much longer than 48 hours without popcorn.<<

    People ask me what time I’d want to live in, and I always tell them “right now.” When they ask me why, I say, “Six words: plumbing, antibiotics, hormone therapy, and painless dentistry.”

  6. I love RenFaires as well. Up here we go to King Richard’s Faire ( in Carver, MA. It’s always a good time.

  7. I hope your nephew is well.

    And I, too, love to live in fantastical worlds I create in my head. =) I’m aware of reality. I just choose not to live in it, heh. I suppose that’s why I love to create.

    Also, I finally got to read Twisted. It made me cry!

  8. much support to your nephew, and to you.

    and…because i need a segue…

    eugh. what the hell happened to the PennRenn’s website? that’s awful.

    but speaking of PennRenn, did you and scott want to come down again and go this year? i know it’s a huge haul but i had a blast.

  9. Ryan

    It was only yesterday that I received a phone call from a very tired but elated young woman telling me that her precious baby boy had made his appearance in this world. And now he is a strong, handsome young man going off to serve his country. Godspeed to Ryan and all the young men and woman out there working tirelessly to make this world a safer place. My heart is bursting with pride!

  10. summertime

    antibiotics and soap. And popcorn

    Oh, and toilets. Don’t forget the toilets.
    I see someone else has already mentioned King Richard’s Faire in Carver, MA…I second the motion! Big time fun, particularly if you dress for it.
    Best wishes to Ryan. I know this feeling. 2 of my cousins have gone to Iraq repeatedly (2 tours each), but are currently home. That’s a better feeling.

  11. *Waves to Ryan* He’ll be in my prayers.

    I unfortunately have only been to one Ren Faire, the PA one, when my aunt got married there (and yes, I was in the wedding, and yes, as a third grader in a strange dress, I was mortified). But I’d love to go to one now. 🙂

  12. Hi Laurie~ I just saw that you’re going to be at Kindling Words – how exciting! I know you’re not scheduling any school visits this year, but please (really, really, please, in a pathetic sort of way…) drop me a note if you decide you’d like to do one while you’re in town for KW. My school district has a grant and would love to have you.

  13. I understand how your feeling. My nephew, Christopher, also went to Iraq and thankfully is now home safe and sound. Prayers go out to Ryan for his safe return also!

  14. My best friend is currently in Iraq, helping to rebuild the city of Ramadi. He’s got me working on a school supply drive back here Stateside, as the people of Ramadi (and most of Iraq, I think), are more concerned with basic needs — y’know, food, water, and shelter — rather than the education of their children. I am throwing every ounce of energy I have into this project because it helps me worry a little bit less. And, as a teacher, it hits me right where it hurts.

    Sending good thoughts to you and your family, but especially to Ryan.

    (If you or anyone else is interested in more information about the school supply drive, head over to

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