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I am about a week late with this, but check out the trailer for Holly Black’s Spiderwick Chronicle movie.

CJ Bott is an expert in dealing with bullying and harrasment issues – one of the best in the country. She is a former English teacher who now consults with school districts on how they can use literature to bring these issues to light and help students find empathy and develop respect for their classmates. CJ has a website that you probably want to take a peek at.

One of my favorite parts about summer? Strawberries and blueberries for breakfast.

Today’s grand excitement?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Mailing off the manuscript copies.

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  1. Very exciting! I’m excited, myself, for when I’ll be going through that in the future when I actually get something worth publishing down in print.

  2. The Spiderwick Chronicles looks worth checking out.

    I heart blueberries and strawberries!! Unfortunately, my office is super cold, so I still have oatmeal for b’fast… although I do chuck a handful of fresh blue berries in for a delightful medley of flavors!

    Congrats on the manuscript sending! Hooray!

  3. Beautiful photo! 🙂

    My husband and I had a great salad the other day — fresh spinach in a berry vinagrette with crumbled goat cheese, candied pecans, dried Michigan cherries, and fresh strawberries. Gotta love summer!

  4. i know stef’s a fan of DiTerlizzi’s work (or is it that you know him…i can’t remember?) and so am i…and so i was delighted to discover that i posess a whole bunch of artwork that he did in books i purchased before i had any idea who he was.

    wow…that sentence should win awards.

    anyway, in college i used to play a pen&paper RPG called Changeling: The Dreaming which was a modern fantasy and faerie game. Tony did some beautiful illustrations of the faerie kiths (races) and also of the faerie version of America: the Kingdom of Concordia.

    has little thumbnails, but it’s the only place i could find them all together.


  5. Why so many?
    I thought you (already being published)have an editor (who would only need ONE manuscript (???))

    I know some authors who have multiple proofreaders but thats BEFORE they send it off to the editor.

    Well anyway, just curious about the mutliple envelopes.

  6. Yes, I already have an editor for this book. (He saw the draft ebfore this one, too.) But the copies are going out to historians who have offered to read the manuscript and point out any historical errors, and a couple of good friends (also authors) who will read it and comment. I do the same for them.

  7. Speak

    Hey. My name is Ryan, I’m 17 years old, and live in Massachusetts. I just finished reading speak, and I have to say….Breathtaking. Absolutely amazing. My best friend got raped in January…and it’s been a struggle. She met him online, and decided to “get her first time over-with, so when she met someone she loved, it wouldn’t hurt.” She went to see the guy a week later to tell him it was over, because she found a boyfriend she really liked. He said “that wasn’t going to fly”, and, well, I think you know what happened after that. The worst part for me, was that I saw his myspace, and could tell that he was just creepy. I never liked him. The day he raped her, I called her to make plans, and she said she was going to see him. The last thing I said to her, or that anyone ever said to her before it happened, was “Have fun getting raped.” I didn’t think it would actually happen, I was just expressing my opinion about his personality. It makes me feel uneasy now. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you have written an amazing book that will know doubt go down in history along side with books such as “The Catcher in the Rye”, and “All Quiet On The Western Front”. Good luck, and keep writing!

  8. I have a question. Do you know, by any chance, how long it takes before a manuscript that you send into the publisher to be turned into an ARC, Pre-pub, bound manuscript, etc?

    Even though my store just had sales meetings with the publishers for this season, is it possible they might be bringing your book with other Pre-pub goodies next season?

  9. It depends on a million different factors.

    I don’t THINK there will be ARCs of my book until…..trying to do math here…. Winter ’08. But I could be completely wrong. Much of the business of publishing baffles me.

    I have to talk to that editor soon anyway. I’ll ask him.

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