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  1. Tyler Miller and my Brother a.k.a. The Inhaler

    I just have to tell you this because it cracked me up immensly.
    I have just read Twisted ( And LOVED it by the way 🙂 and I was thinking how the main character is a LOT like my 16 year old brother who is 6’8″ and a football player and huge, but he is athletic. So he came home the other day after football practice or something sweaty and he started literally EATING everything in sight such as: Potato chips, popsicles, left over lasagna, gatorade, muffins, and some sliced turkey (By itself with no bread or anything). Why I felt the need to tell YOU this I am not sure besides the fact that it reminded me of Tyler Miller 🙂 Have a beautiful day 🙂

  2. Re: Tyler Miller and my Brother a.k.a. The Inhaler

    Awesome! Thank you!

    (I am feeling this need to order bushels of apples and boxes of pizza for your brother.)

  3. Re: Tyler Miller and my Brother a.k.a. The Inhaler

    Indeed!!! We are actually ordering pizza tonight and we basically just order him his own pizza now :)He enjoys this greatly and retires to his bedroom in order to commense the chowing-down 🙂

  4. you do iz besz


    Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!


  5. May I share this blog entry with my creative writing class? My kids love your books and I think it would help them with the writing process to see what you said about first drafts and revising.


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