And now for something completely different

I have really enjoyed the ongoing discussion about how/if we can/should alert readers to content in YA novels that some might not want younger kids reading. I have much to think about. Please keep the opinions coming!

But it is summer. The farmers down the road just finished their first cutting of hay. Local strawberries are abundant and sweet. The days are long, but the nights are cool.

And the Japanese have launched a new flavor of soda: Pepsi Ice Cucumber.

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  1. When I was in Egypt in 2004, Pepsi had a soda simply called Pepsi Ice, which they claimed had the taste of ice itself. It was kind of like minty lemon and unless it was extra, extra cold it tasted not so great. When it was really cold, it was delightful. This past year I couldn’t find it at all. I wonder if PepsiCo just goes around adding odd flavors to its rogue Ice label.

  2. Sounds interesting, in a chem-lab sort of way. Next time you’re in New Orleans, try to stop by the Napolean House and try a Pimm’s cup. Not only is it refreshing, but it comes garnished with a piece of real cucumber. I’m not sure what else is in it, but it is definitely tasty.

  3. That is SO hilarious! I will have to tell people at work— I work for Pepsi and I know we don’t sell it here or I would have tried it! Teehee!

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