Kirkus review – TWISTED

Thank you, Kirkus, for the very nice starred review:

“Anderson returns to weightier issues in the style of her most revered work, Speak (1999), and
stretches her wings by offering up a male protagonist for the first time. Tyler was always the kind of
guy who didn’t stand out until he spends the summer before his senior year working as punishment
for spray painting the school. His new image and buff physique attracts Bethany-the über-popular
daughter of his father’s boss-but his angry and distant father becomes even more hostile towards
him. Despite the graffiti incident, though, Tyler is a conscientious, albeit confused, young man, trying
to find his way. Unfortunately, his newfound notoriety as a “bad boy” leads to false accusations that
land him-and his father’s job-in hot water. As tension mounts, Tyler reaches a crisis point revealed
through one of the most poignant and gripping scenes in young-adult literature. Taking matters into
his own hands, Tyler decides that he must make a choice about what kind of man he wants to be, with
or without his father’s guidance.”

Yes, this review put a bounce in my step. And then I found out TWISTED has been nominated as a BBYA. That made me fly.

Today and tomorrow are getting ready for this weekend’s trip to the Michigan Reading Association. I love going to Michigan, and am really looking forward to seeing many friends while out there.

Random Thursday Thoughts:
1. Tattoo is healing nicely.
2. It is snowing. Again. At least we won’t have sub-zero windchills today.
3. The Big East Tournament will be playing on ESPN all-freaking-day. And I am supposed to work?
4. I haven’t been to the gym in four days and feel like a slug.
5. Are they ever going to release Season 3 of Deadwood on DVD?

12 Replies to “Kirkus review – TWISTED”

  1. Congratulations on the review (sometiems Kirkus actually gets it right) and the BBYA nomination. Both are well deserved. As is all the snow.

  2. I’m so excited for you! And to read the book! I told my friend about your tattoo, and she was so excited. She LOVES Beowulf.

    March 20th cannot come soon enough.

  3. Ok i love all your books esspecially Fever it is so good. I havent read twisted but i deffinantly will

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