Where are my socks?

Packing and last prep for Michigan today. I am really looking forward to seeing Christopher Paul Curtis, Hope Vestergaard, Marissa Moss, Chris Rascha (can’t find a website for him!), Elizabeth Partridge, David Wiesner, Wendy Mass, Gordon Korman, and Mem Fox.

if you are a teacher involved in teaching literacy, reading, writing, or literature to kids or teens, you really should scroll through the Michigan Reading Association conference offerings. There are hundreds of workshops. They do it up right in the Mitten State.

Thank you, Basketball Gods, for the sad defeat yesterday of Syracuse in the Big East tournament because now I don’t have to freak out about a Syracuse vs. Georgetown game. Georgetown beat Villanova (ha! HA!) and plays Notre Dame tonight at 7pm. I will be glued to the screen.

4 Replies to “Where are my socks?”

  1. oops. that was me above with the Chris Raschka comment. I thought I had signed in. ciao!

  2. Syracuse seemed to be doing okay the first half, but blew it in the second half.
    Georgetown was awesome the entire game. Hope they kick ND’s butt!

    little q

  3. Wow, Mem Fox! Time for Bed was one of our favorites when Molly was wee. Now, her style is more Captain Underpants. Safe travels!

  4. College basketball! <3

    I like you am happy Georgetown won, but it sucks they are against Notre Dame. I think I’ve got to root for the Irish, :(.

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