I said it with snowshoes

My heart is yours, Beloved Husband; slightly lop-sided, snowy, and filled with fun! Yours forever.

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Wishing all of you love and friendship.

11 Replies to “I said it with snowshoes”

  1. you two are the cutest.

    we had Evening for (Book)Lovers last night and i was surprised to see that we still had a good turn out.

    have you read About Alice yet?

  2. Awwww, That’s so adorable. I think I may have to go outside and do that, since in Ohio we finally got snow that matters.

    Yesterday it was coming down an inch per hour and Mexico,New York made it on to my local news!

  3. delightful!
    I was listening to NPR and an woman was describing how she wrote I love you in the snow, and then put candles in the stamped down lines so when her husband came home in the dark, he could see it out the back window….

    such fun.

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