caring for a knee

Yesterday a nice doctor drilled three holes into the right knee of my Beloved Husband. He had permission to do this, of course, and had accommodated BH by giving him a shot before the operation that allowed him float away to happy land on the bubbles.

Between the driving, and the drilling, and mucking around once actually inside the knee (doc found pieces of machinery, old engine parts, misplaced chain saws, all kinds of debris messing up the works), and waiting for the happy land feeling to fade away, and the drive home in a lake effect storm, and the settling in, not a lot was written yesterday. However, I brought my computer to the waiting room and was able to untangle what I think is the last of the plot knots towards the book’s end.

Today will be spent on the couch next to BH, fetching ice and pillows for The Knee.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting The Knee rests.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting The Knee uncovered.

I will also be taking very good care of the BH who is attached to The Knee.

And writing. And tending the fire.

(If you ever read a book of mine in which a character has knee surgery, now you’ll know where it came from.)

PS – I would love some bookseller opinion about the article in the CSM about new indie bookstores opening.

Happy birthday, !!

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