A heads-up for YA Librarians

Although I can’t go (I’ll be at a writer’s conference – I will def be there next year), YOU should all go to the New York Comic Con. And then you should write to me and tell me the best parts.

Many exciting things seem to be coming out of YALSA right now:
1. the Great Graphic Novel List
2. the upcoming Teen Tech Week
3. plans for a Wiki.

What else am I missing? Please let me know. It is so much fun to watch this field grow and thrive. I bow down to youse guys.

I pulled a marathon writing weekend; 12 and 15 hour days chewing through the manuscript. Except for dry eyes, it was wicked fun. I am loving this…. being so deep in the story, fingers flying over the keys, the characters so close I can reach out and touch them – I love writing so much!!!!!!

(and then there are the days when I hate it, but we won’t go into that right now)

Today, however, few words will be written because of Family Obligations, which I will tell you about tomorrow.

3 Replies to “A heads-up for YA Librarians”

  1. writers insperation

    crazy night Im sitting in writing class and we are going over a few things I have the book speak sitting in front of me everyday trying to figure out how you do it all.I wrote to you on a way later journal.
    and forgot the date so i never seen if you wrote to me back.
    I was just puzzled about a few things I’m wanting to write and I have so many things that are just comming to mind but I really can’t seem to put it all on paper and for it all to make some -what of sence.
    I want to sit and think but I just get to excited and throw everything at once how do you relax and put everything on paper and it make sence?

  2. I will report back! I am going to be on two panels, so as anyone does come to New York, comic con then make sure to come and say hello to me! I will be kicking around the DC booth.

  3. I’m getting a nice little writing-buzz going just reading about your marathon weekend. Well, the triple-shot mocha probably has something to do with the buzz, too, but still… I love writing, too!!! 🙂

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