In memorium

The Forest is quiet today. Deep in thought.

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  1. It is scary to think that in many ways we are more damaged five years later than we were that day.

    In that day we had unity and global support despite our fear and loss.

    Today we are a nation divided, viewed poorly by many of the world’s citizens, and peace is still elusive.

    As a New Yorker and an American, it seems to me that the tragedy continues to grow deeper.

  2. hi

    today my school had an assembly for 9/11 we had 4 students read essays theyhad written about patriotism and what it means to them our priest read 2 prayers and a student read a prayer (i go to a catholic school) our chior (me included) sang the national anthem. them our entire high school went out side is the cold and made a human flag! (each 01 class was assigned a certain color of shirt we had to wear whether it was white red or blue. to see pictures go to


  3. Five years ago…it’s hard to believe

    I remember that day so clearly. I remember the teachers kept whispering to each other. Our principal came in and told us what had happened, but we were only sixth graders. We didn’t even know what the World Trade Center was. When Mom picked me up from school, she tried to explain, but I still didn’t grasp the entirety of it. It was only when I got home and saw the TV that it really hit me how big this was.
    I still have to just stop everytime I see a clip of that day.

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