Back alive

September 11th always throws me against a brick wall. I slide to the bottom and bleed a lot.

But I’m better today.

I ran another 5K on Saturday and finally had a decent time. I have insane running goals for myself and am probably 2 years away from making them, but it felt really good to be moving in the right direction.

Last night BH and I watched National Treasure. It took us forever because we kept stopping the film to scream about the plot holes that were large enough to sail a three-masted ship through, and the historical anachronisms. Very entertaining. Read more here. Nick Cage must have really needed the money.

Progress in the new book has slowed because I came across some plot and motivation holes of my own. Had to go back and rework early chapters to set up the big stuff that starts to happen by Chapter 10. Don’t know how much more book work will happen this week. I have to prepare for my trip to Kansas… then I have to take it.

Coolest link of the week: Get your name in a famous author’s book and support the First Amendment!

Does it get any more exciting than that? No, it doesn’t.

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  1. “Biology and the prejudices of others conspired to keep us childless.”

    Nicolas Cage is in SO many movies. I don’t know how he does it. I think the movie did really well, which is why they’re doing a second. Or it might just be Disney’s passion for sequels.

    Raising Arizona will forever be my favorite movie of his.

  2. Re: “Biology and the prejudices of others conspired to keep us childless.”

    “Gimme that baby, you wart-hog from hell!”

    Best. Line. Ever.

  3. Sick and New

    On the topic, YES Nicolas Cage does do too many movies. What’s the motivation to go from Adaptation to National Treasure?
    …maybe he wanted to work with Sean Bean?
    Only thing I can think of.
    Either that or he REALLY needed a boat.

    Off the topic, but new to the site so…
    Know people have said it a thousand times, but love love love your stuff. So happy to find a new author that makes me smile at their interesting choices. (I’ve gone through all my Palahniuk twice. Also Amazingly [say it like tony the tiger]Grrreat.)

    Oh, yeah…i’ve got strep throat and watching bad movies. Anyone seen Dark Blue with Kurt Russell?
    Shouldah done a sequel to Big Trouble Little China Kurt.

  4. That link was cool. I would have so much trouble thinking of names for characters. It would be nice to have someone come up with a name for you (theirs) while giving money to a good cause.

  5. Hello Ms. Anderson! Your books are the shiznite! Anyways, I’m doing a book report and there’s one question of which I’m not sure how to answer. “Why did the author want to write this book? What was he trying to tell the reader?” Now, I reminded the teacher that there is such thing as female writers, but she ignored the comment. Anyways, the book that I’m doing the report on is Prom, and I was wondering what message you were trying to get through.
    Your books rule

  6. I sure hope you remember me–I’m the girl from the book signing that writes fanfiction, and I wanted to let you know that I’ve finished chapter one of the ‘Speak’ fanfic you suggested I write (I wrote it in my study hall, which happens to be my English teacher’s room).

    Here’s the URL:

    If you get a chance to read it, I really hope you like it. Thank you!

  7. Thank you – I joined it!

    Good luck with the Philly half-marathon. I ran it about ten years ago. It was one of the best running experiences I ever had. You will have a blast!!!

  8. I don’t try to send messages. I try to tell good stories.

    If a reader figures out something by reading one of my stories, then I’m happy.

    Did PROM tell you anything?

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