Mutter mutter

Random thoughts today….

1. I hate ragweed.

2. I love old-fashioned diners (great breakfast this morning…. quite possible the best waitress in the world.)

3. Why can’t they make a peanut-butter flavored toothpaste?

Oh crap…. my procrastination alert button is flashing. Must go back to work.

Tell me something random.

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  1. 3. Why can’t they make a peanut-butter flavored toothpaste?

    It would be great for cleaning up after some deep-fried Coke…

    Tell me something random.

    The stone used to carve the ledges, or whatever I should call them, in the front of my building is different than the stone used for the flooring (is it flooring if it’s still outdoors?)– except for one part in the middle that’s made of the same stuff. Both are the same color of somewhat-lighter-than-brick red, but they dry at vastly different rates after it rains; the regular brick dries in about an hour, the other stuff takes twelve or more. Very annoying for those of us who like to sit outside and read.

  2. if they made peanut-butter flavored toothpaste all of us groggy not-morning-people would be making toothpaste-and-jelly sandwiches all the time, and i understand that’s bad for you.

  3. Why can’t they institute an IDIOT day?

    On ONE particular day any and all idiots have the whole day to do their shopping and lottery ticket buying and driving really slow in the fast lanes and all the things that idiots do all week that drive us NON-idiots nuts!

  4. Something random, huh?


    I’m on the second floor of my school’s library, and the guy at the computer next to me is wearing a baseball cap backward. He has nice arms.

  5. something random

    hey, this is Mary BB, here is something random….
    I am in MT, I love it here, the sun is shining, my manuscript is going ok and I am happy!! have a great day!! You Rock!!

  6. Google is down four bucks a share today.

    Which is not that big a deal for them, considering the price has ranged from $285 to $475 a share over the past year. For a smaller stock, it would be cause for alarm.

    Oh, and I’m trying to scheme ways to get my son to lose interest in playing youth football.

  7. It may just be the geek in me, but I found this entertaining while skimming through my microcomputers textbook…

    “A processor, sometimes called a central processing unit, or CPU, is an electronic circuit that serves as the “brain” of the computer. The word brain is in quotation marks because the processor has an IQ of close to zero.”

    Also, two of my favorite comedians, Colin Mochrie & Brad Sherwood, are going to be at Millersville on October 28th to do an improv show. I highly recommend it.

    little quirk 🙂

  8. In July of 1945, a WWII bomber crashed between the 78th and 79th floors of the Empire State Building. It cut an elevator’s cables, and the elevator, operator still inside, plunged 70+ floors.

    The name of the bomber was Old John Feather Merchant. The elevator operator, amazingly, survived.

  9. There are 109 days until Christmas.

    I have a lamp on my desk that is an elephant with the lampshade sprouting out of his back. It’s only just struck me that this is most definitely not good for the elephant.

  10. My Religion teacher scares me. He takes pictures of little boys. And he wears women’s sunglasses on top of his own glasses.

    “South Beach Dying” would be a good name for a band. (Don’t steal my idea.)


  11. I got around to reading your recent entries from the end of August until now…… I must say that I find this the most entertaining thing in the world, and a nice break from all of the scientific stuff I’m reading at school right now.

    I thank you for all the comic relief, even if it’s because I know you a little bit better than most people…..wink wink. Keep it up!!

    Little Quirk’s Big Sister 🙂

    P.S. If they ever got around to making peanut butter-flavored toothpaste for humans, people may be more prone to just eating it instead of using it (like me….hehehe!)

  12. “I suppose that you could say that Sigmund Freud had a certain
    knack for “Freudian slips” or a “phallic envy” because his
    college dissertation was on the sex lives of eels – how much more
    Freudian can you get!?”


    “Freud’s second published paper, written at the age of 21. Under the guidance of Carl Claus, head of the Institute of Comparative Anatomy at Vienna and founder of the Zoological Experimental Station at Trieste, Freud obtained a grant to travel to Trieste to work on the problem of the location of the eel testes. Dissecting 400 eels, Freud tentatively confirmed Syrski’s 1874 observations. Claus read his paper to the Academy of Sciences on March 15, 1877, and it appeared in the April issue of its Bulletin. This is actually Freud’s first paper, but through the vicissitudes of publication it appeared in print 3 months after a paper he wrote for Brücke.”


    Also, my pysch professor mentioned it, so I looked it up to make sure it was true.

    little q

  13. I elected to have chocolate latte (which I suppose is actually mocha) flavored toothpaste at the dentist’s last time, and it was quite good.

    I was surprised to see that, when I searched under users with an interest in Denmark, one of my favorite authors showed up! I studied abroad in Denmark for ten months in the last year and it changed my life. Denmark really sticks with you for a long time, doesn’t it? I can’t wait to go back there and visit.

  14. randomness…

    Carlisle Area High School has Prom on their 11th grade summer reading list. And I’m on the CHS newspaper (Periscope). Oh wait that’s two random things. I get to do entertainment reviews-I might try and sneak in one of your new books because they are very entertaining lol. =D Oops, that’s three random things. Well talk to you later. I hope everything’s going well! ♥

  15. random

    I work in a library and yesterday someone called to see if we had a movie called Lord of the Files, either the 1963 version or the 1990 version. I corrected him and said it’s actually called Lord of the Flies, and he absolutely insisted that it’s Files and wouldn’t let me reserve what he is really looking for.

    I wish I could see the look on his face when he goes into his English class Monday and finds out I was right.

  16. Random Thoughts

    1.) Why doesn’t my freaking left shift key work/
    2.) overtype is stupid.
    3.) when should i do my homework?
    4.) Vanessa hudgens can not create a good music video. although i’ve always wanted to swing from a chandeleir.

  17. randomness!

    The “door close” button on elevators is really just a pacifier; it doesn’t do anything.
    Funny, that doesn’t put me off pressing 8 billion times in impatience anyway.

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