We did it!

Number One Son, Beloved Husband, and myself all ran the Oswego Harborfest 5K this morning, and we all survived.

Some better than others.

NOS ran it in blazing speed, which was amazing because he had never run that distance before. BH ran it at almost blazing speed, which was more than respectable considering that he hasn’t had time to train for two months.

I ran faster than I thought I would and I did not come in last. Ya-hoo!!! The asthma was a little intense at the end, but I did not require medical assistance. Yee-haa!!!

It was a littler warmer than one would have liked, and the hills made me cranky, but all in all, we had a blast. I think I’ll run the next one on August 19th.

We are spending the rest on the day patting ourselves on the back and watching episodes of Firefly, which we are LOVING. (Thanks, Dave!!!)

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  1. congratualtions on success and survival, in reverse order!

    and i’m glad you guys like firefly, too. i bet you were a lot easier to convince than your flipping daughter was…

  2. Running and Depression

    Laurie –
    Way to go on your 5K.
    I noticed that on previous posts you touched a little bit about having suffered from depression. I have too – for a long time.
    I’m curious if you took up running as a way to alleviate your depression as I did. Aside from being on medication, my mood still feels altered if I don’t get some kind of physical exercise throughout the day. Starting my mornings with a solitary run is one of the best things I’ve found to keep my inner life balanced. You too?

  3. Mrs. Halse Anderson

    I didn’t know that you could screen your comments and chose and pick which ones get to the blog and which don’t. That’s why I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to do this by leaving you comments. I have a few questions related to the fan club I created.

    1. Do you have a picture I could use for the main page? It could be of you, your books, or something else.

    2. Could I change the name to the Official LHA Fan Club? I didn’t want to create one and call it Official without your endorsement.

    3. Would you like to be a member? You would be required to have a free Yahoo! account. I could also give you the option to hide your Yahoo! e-mail address from the rest of the group. This would allow you to post messages to the entire group updating them on books, life, whatever.

    I also wanted to tell you a little about myself (and how I came to love your books) since I’ll be the moderator of your fan club. My name is Mike but I go by Wesley. I’m 14 and in the 9th grade (come Sept). I write alot and hope to write for a living. My girlfriend told me about this book Speak a while ago and I never got around to checking it out. Well later Wil Wheaton (Yes, From Star Trek: The Next Generation and Stand By Me) wrote on his blog about how much his son Nolan liked Catalyst. I suppose my brain stored your name in the back of my mind because when I saw your book Catalyst at the library that I volunteer at I grabbed it and read it. That was a month ago. I’ve now read all of your books. All of them that I could track down. I’m having trouble finding the Wild At Heart Manatee book. Anyway I was amazed at how you drew me into your books, and I’m a guy! I didn’t expect to be in love with books that are about Prom and whatnot. I loved your work so much I wanted to start a fan club. To make a longer story short I love your books and I love your writing style. Thank you for your books and I can’t wait for Twisted!

    After you get back to me I’ll post a link to the Yahoo! group in your comments section.


  4. you totally did better than me. i do all kinds of sports like soccer basket ball and softball but me and running lets put it this way it is kinda and oxi-moron!!!!!!! ha ha but hey kudos to you!!!! enjoy your resting time!!!


  5. I can barely run a dozen steps, MUCH less 5K! Especially in today’s awful weather. Kudos to you all!

    Did you get any of those incredible storms where you are? They were insane here in Syracuse! I was on the 6th floor of Bird Library at SU, watching huge bolt after bolt of lightning strike to the southeast. Honestly, I thought the roof of the library was going to blow off. Wow.

  6. arm wrestle champ

    That would be even more of a work out if you had to push a wheelchair. It’s not as easy as one would think requires lots of arm stregth. It’s because of this that in 3rd grade I arm wrestled all the boys in my class and beat them.

  7. i’m glad you survived running the 5k! i couldn’t run a 5k at all. by the way i saw the platinum edition (i think that’s what it’s called but i wasn’t sure) of speak in a bookstore in mystic, connecticut while i was on vacation this weekend. i was reading it in the store and i was so happy that speak is finally published in that edition! i hope you’re having a great summer.

  8. Re: Mrs. Halse Anderson

    Hi Wes,

    First off, please call me Laurie.

    1. I will email a photo you can use… check your email in a few minutes.

    2. As far as I know, you are starting the first fan club, so we might as well make it official. That means “yes!”

    3. Yes and Yes. Please tell me how to hide the address so I don’t disappoint people by not responding to email.

    Thank you very much for your background information and your willingness to take this on!!

  9. Thank You!

    Thank You! I’m very excited about the group. To keep your Email hidden is fairly easy. After signing into yahoo go to

    You will see a bright blue button on the right hand side that says “Join This Group”. Click that button. On that page you will see a check box that says something like “Do you wish to hide your e-mail and IP adress from the moderator and the group.” Check it and continue on the page. You can just put LHA in the “Why Do You Want To Join This Group?” box and I’ll automatically approve you as a member. You will still recieve Email from the group unless you check the “Do Not Send Me Messages Box.”

    I’m very excited about the group and have added Art galleries for each of your books, links to preorder Twisted, and I’ll have more coming once we get up and running. I’ll be updating my (new) livejournal about the changes I’ll be making to the group.

    One Last thing, I never recieved that picture. IF you would please re-send it I would be grateful. wesley_1701@yahoo.com

    Thanks Wesley 🙂

    PS I’m going to be attending the PA Ren Faire this Sept. and Oct. Could you recommend some clothes that I could wear. I’ve never dressed up before. Thank you.

  10. Firefly

    Firefly is the best- I’m so happy you’ve discovered it! Enjoy it while it lasts and be sure to watch Serenity too!

    susan in SC

  11. Laurie

    I did get that Email finally. I guess Yahoo! is a little slow today. Thanks for all of your cooperation. If you get this before you check your new comments, I posted directions on how to hide your e-mail address and a link to the actual fanclub. Feel free to post a link to the fan club wherever you want. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s big news! I look forward to people joining. Thanks Again, Wesley

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