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  1. So cool – those Scandinavian countries often top the lists. I know Norway is supposed to be the best place in the world for women to live…. And I’m not just saying that because I’m part Norwegian… 🙂 Fun links. Takk.

  2. I have a question

    I know that you had been an exchange student there so what was your favorite part about living there? Were there any cultural traditions or holidays that you really enjoyed and still celebrate or otherwise appreciate today? – Jessica

  3. Very cool. I’m impressed that Canada ranks tenth, much higher than Britain where I’m originally from. So now I have a glib answer for my English friends who even though I have been away for sixteen years still express surprise that I made this move!

  4. Mrs. Halse Anderson…

    I have created, hopefully to your approval, an Unofficial Laurie Halse Anderson Fan Club on Yahoo! Groups. I do have some questions for you, not like an interview but like, “Would you give me permission to use a photo of yourself on the main page?” etc. I’m not sure if you wanted me to ask you these things over the comments space in your livejournal or by other means. Please respond in the comments or e-mail me at wesley_1701@yahoo.com with directions.

    I’ll post a link for everyone to view (and hopefully if they want, join!) later once the group is looking better and not just in the “design” stage. Thank You Wesley

  5. Re: Mrs. Halse Anderson…

    I’m honored, Wesley. Geez…. I’m blushing, too.

    Thank you for being decent enough to ask. Most impressive.

    Go ahead and ask your questions here in LJ land – I’m sure others would like to read the answers, too.

    Thanks again!

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