We went back to the Faire yesterday. It was bliss.

Number One Son brought his camera and took photos. Here’s a sample – it is BH and I waiting to renew our vows:

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You can enjoy MANY more pictures on NOS’s page . Check back a couple times – he’ll probably add more.

I think I might make a big announcement here tomorow. Stay tuned.

9 Replies to “renaissance”

  1. You guys look terrific. Also, you are a huge tease. And I’m not referring to your decolletage, I’m referring to the “stay tuned for a big announcement” thing.

  2. Wonderful pics, all! You and your husband look lovely, and it’s so romantic that you renewed your vows. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Wow

    So I found that one of my favorite authors has a blog, and then there might be a big announcement? Very exciting. I just wanted to thank you for your books–I’m a middle school teacher, and I cannot keep any of them on the shelves for longer than about ten minutes (and I have over a dozen copies of Speak!). The kids love them–and I love the books and that you spark such fantastic discussions and ideas for them to write about (and write you about!) Good Luck with everything, and you can expect dozens more letters from my students this year. 🙂

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