elves in my head

Woke up with a very strange picture book idea in my head… I had been dreaming about it. Was convinced it really existed, but an Amazon search turned up nothing.

Must ponder…

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  1. pic book

    Go for it. Might check Library of Congress too…. I love, adore, and have used Amazon for 10 years, but they don’t have everything…. LOL.

    There are books we know we had as kids and can’t find anywhere …

  2. I think the best ideas come from dreams or that early morning half-asleep/half-awake state. It’s one of those gifts from the universe. I’m sure the picture book you dreamed about doesn’t exist; it’s something for you to write!!!

  3. I noticed you said SPEAK originated from a dream state too. How long did it take you to write SPEAK? And how many houses rejected before the wiser one snapped it up?

  4. Unrelated reply

    Dear Ms. Anderson – I received your correspondence and wanted to say thanks. And, I understand. Thanks for taking the time to reply in person, I appreciate it.
    And I just had my fourth short story accepted for publication. Life is good. 🙂
    ~ T
    PS: Your response re: the mom who railed against Prom on Amazon was right on.

  5. wow

    I just wanted to say that your book speak has changed my life. It was absolutely sensational. You are an unbelievable writer. I know you have changed alot of young girls lives by writing this book.

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