Sunday & cloudy & random

Cloudy today. Perfect conditions for staring at a blank piece of paper. Writer seeks motivation; apply within.

We had a blast at Paige’s Butterfly Run on Saturday. And yes, I actually ran. To the outside world it may have looked like shuffling, but in my head, I looked like Marion Jones, only faster.

I really enjoyed reading everyone’s responses to the June prompts. You guys rock.

Have any of you ever been to the Hay Literature Festival? It looks like fun.

Off to drink tea and figure out where in 1776 NYC the character in my new WIP lived.

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  1. It’s so funny that you just mentioned the blank page- I just wrote a monstruous entry about it and how it relates to my life. If you’re looking for maybe a little motivation or just a good way to kill 15 minutes, you should read it. It’s a friends-only journal so you’d have to add me (you’re already mine! :)), and the subjects are all numbered- this one is #80. (I started a new journal for 2006 and wanted to keep track!)
    Anyway, I really think you would like it and it would mean a lot if you would read it. Thanks so much!
    PS- Your writing is always beautiful. Speak and Catalyst are two of my favorite books I’ve ever read. 🙂

  2. Movies

    I was wondering are you planning on making a movie to Catalyst, Prom or Fever 1793 I loved all the books. I am a huge fan of yours. I am an aspiring author, I am not good at much else, writing is the only place I feel comfortable. I spend my time mostly in books. I’m not really aloud to go anywhere, I have very over protective parents, although I don’t really want to go anywhere but Barnes and Nobles. But anyway, when I read Speak in the eighth grade about two years ago it captivated me, it was unbelievable how swept up I became in it. I couldn’t put it down, I even had a stupid boy come up behind me and cut a chunk of my hair out, but it didn’t stop me from reading. Your character analysis is amazing. I admire your work a great deal. I have never read anything that takes me somewhere and holds me as strongly as your books. Please keep writing, you are appreciated greatly.

    -Eli (pronounced Ellie) a 16 year old aspiring young author.

  3. Eli Again

    If you could respond on your Live Journal web page I will check daily to see if you read what I wrote to you.

    Thank You for taking the time to read from me.

  4. peice of advice from the little one…

    finish your book before you start the first draft of probably the 20th WIP… just a though. call me. I love you!

  5. Writing is great

    I did a litle story Saturday and it took 6 hours to do it and i think it came out pretty well. Its about changes if anyone cares to check it out.

    My Muse was sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear.

  6. Hay-on-Wye

    Indeed I have been to Hay! I spent the spring semester of my junior year in college abroad in Wales, and while the term was over and I was back home in the States before the actual Hay festival (boo!), I did visit the little village of Hay-on-Wye one weekend, and MAN — a writer’s heaven, I tell you. It’s a little British village with stone buildings, paths through fields, wooden bridges arching over streams, and wildflowers, and the entire town is chock full of new and used bookstores. I HIGHLY recommend visiting if you get the chance!

  7. Re: Movies

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Eli. There is nothing wrong with over-protective parents, especially since they let you go to a bookstore! You will get your chance in the big wide world before you know it.

    Authors have very little control over having their books made into movies. If a film producer likes a book, they contact the author and put together a deal. So far, that has only happened with SPEAK. If you know anybody in Hollywood, please suggest that they make my other books into a movie. I sure would appreciate that.

    Keep writing!!

  8. I just got paid to publish fiction in a magazine. Not a lot — but it’s still payment for fiction. My first time. What was it like for you?

    Also: WOO HOO!
    ~ T

  9. YAY FOR YOU!!!! That is AWESOME!!!! It is an amazing feeling and one I am sure you worked really, really hard for.

    The first piece of fiction I sold was to an obscure literay magazine. They paid me with a couple of free copies of the issue. The first cash I earned was from selling a story to Highlights Magazine. (Yeah, the one you read in the dentist’s office.) I danced, photocopied the check, and took it to the bank.


    Then go write something new.

  10. Yay! Another historical piece!

    I just got back from NYC last night. Except I don’t think I know enough about the historic neighborhoods to give you input…especially 1776 historical.

  11. Ooh, 1776 NYC! A couple years ago I lived just two blocks from Federal Hall, downtown. The whole financial district has so much incredible colonial history, that research must be so toothy and exciting. I can’t wait to read the work!

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