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One of the things I love most about the world of children’s publishing is that the people involved are (generally) very serious about keeping their facts straight. If you write historical fiction for grown-ups, I am told you have lots of latitude to make stuff up. Not in my world. There are legions of librarians and teachers out there who trust us to present accurate information, even in a fictional setting.

You can imagine how tight the rules are when it comes to non-fiction!

I am taking some time off from the new WIP to go back to my historical (non-fiction) picture book, due out next summer. I received the manuscript back from the very nice Expert Historian, and I have the sketches from the artist. At my meeting with my editor last week, we discussed a couple of design changes that should make the information flow more easily. So I have a lot to do this week!

Right now I’m combing through my notes looking for the sources of information about those points that the Expert questioned. Once she and I agree about a couple of interpretations, I’ll work on fixing the text to accommodate the design changes.

This might sound tedious, but really, it is very exciting.

Trust me.

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  1. Writing History

    I’ve always hated when historical books (and movies) aren’t accurate.

    I hate writing non-fiction. Some people say I’m good at it; my teachers say they enjoy reading my essays and stuff, but I think I’m horrible at it.

    I’m sure you’re awesome at it, and your book will be the bomb.

  2. PSLA

    Laurie!!! I have some GREAT pictures for you from PSLA Conference. I am not sure where to send them. Do you have a private e-mail? I need some type of e-mail address to send them your way.

    I would also like your address. I’ll send you a hard copy of the pictures if you want!

    It was wonderful to see you in Hershey! I am SO proud of you and can’t wait to read your new books.

    Pat Koontz, LIBRARIAN!!!

  3. Re: PSLA

    HI PAT!!!!!! ::waves so hard things fall off desk::

    If you email them to comments@writerlady.com, they will be passed on to me.

    Snail mail: PO Box 906, Mexico, NY 13114.

    Thanks again for all the support at PSLA. It was so nice seeing you there!!

  4. I was thinking of this post of yours tonight as I was reviewing edits (back from the fact-checker) of a children’s non-fiction picture book project I’d been assigned at work. The pressure to present accurate information is extraordinary (and on a tight deadline at that!) and when I received the ms back with an estimated extra 30 pages worth of red commentary I felt a sense of relief and yet dread of having to forward this to the author tomorrow for revisions.

    So, at any rate, I’m with you on all of this!

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