Wolf whistle

Does anybody know what that means? A wolf whistle is the obnoxious tweet-tweeeee whistle that some men make to show appreciation of/interest in a passing woman. Note to guys: girls do NOT like this. Ever. In fact, it pretty much guarantees that in her head she is condemning you to the lowest level of hell. Running after her screaming “shake it, mami, shake it hard” is also a Bad Thing. If you want to let a girl know you think she’s hot, then a polite, restrained nod of the head is the way to go.

Anyway, in my daughter’s China journal today, she points out that construction guys in China do it, too. Kind of makes you want to sing “It’s a Small World,” doesn’t it?

(The reason it is funny that she would be mistaken for a Latina, is that she has blazing white skin and red hair. Mostly, she gets mistaken for a tourist from Dublin.)

Congrats to Sarah Dessen writergrl (and my in-laws Darice, Gregg, Eric, and Anna) on the win of the Caroline Hurricanes, and to Alex Flinn on the Miami Heat.

Back to the doc today for more tests about the stupid infection. Bah.

And more fact-checking and obsessing about words in the picture book.

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  1. It was a joyus day for the K.A.B. family. The Canes win for our southern family and nudgie boy predicted that the Heat would win on the first day of the season.

    I also almost died laughing at the fact that someone though Stef was a Latina. I’ve never even gotten that before. Most people guess Italian for me. Oh well. I guess Americans are just as ignorant in their assumptions about all Asian’s being the same and Middle Easterners.


  2. I’m reading a book right now called Wolf Whistle!!!

    It’s about an African American was killed for Wolf Whistling at a white women back in the 60s.

  3. Aah the wolf whistle. Illigitimate father of the “look at me while I rev up my engine at you.”
    I usually shout at them, “I wanna have sex with you so bad now!” Or tell my friend, “I think he’s trying to tell me he has a big penis.”

  4. There are idiotic men in every country, I guess.

    Is there a special name for being honked at and stared at from cars? (Wow, that sentence’s grammar was…wow.) I get that a lot when I’m walking to school.

  5. Hockey win…..

    Howdy Lady……

    I believe I taught Eric Cole (and his brother) in Band in Elementary School “a few” years ago at FPS (percussion). From what I heard today and saw in the paper, he will be bringing “the cup” to town sometime down the road. I believe his folks are the caretakers of the big cemetary on old 57. He’s so far down the pecking order that he has to wait his turn to get one day date to bring it back to his home town, that he had no idea when it would take place.
    Story in the local paper………tq

  6. Do you read BitchPh.D.? There was an interesting discussion of women and public safety going on over there the other day that involved the wolf whistle. http://bitchphd.blogspot.com, I think. (It’s saved on my work computer, not the laptop I’m using now.)

    They take it to new levels in Miami. Most recently, I’ve noticed that men will mutter things at me under their breath (“sexy,” usually) and then when I look at them, they pretend they didn’t do anything. Which is so fucking annoying– like, if you’re gonna be a sexist pig, just own it so I can give you the finger and get on with my day.

  7. Ha, I find that hilarious about Stephanie being mistaken as a Latina..I have red hair and pasty white skin as well and I can only imagine what she thought when she heard that lol..funny stuff

  8. thank you

    Your book, “SPEAK” has changed my life. I was able to recall situation in which I was raped, and so I found resources to recover from the trauma and how to move on with my life. I can’t express enough how grateful I am to your book. Many thanks and kind regards.

    I must be an exception because I like wolf-whistling. I take it as a compliment with a sense of humor that someone appreciates the body. One may see it as good or bad, but it’s not an evil male sexist pig intention. Although, I do have to say the “shake it mami” is laughable 🙂 And so I would laugh right in the person’s face. Yes, humans are humans wherever you go… all-too-human!

  9. More on Catalyst=)

    Hey Laurie, Reader in Michigan again! Thanks for replying to my other msg, it helped me on that part of my assignment (I chose Teri for my antagonist) I have another question for you: What are some themes in Catalyst? I have one which is Father-Daughter Relationships, but it would be nice to have more choices. Thanks tons for the help!! -xoxo Reader

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