Yesterday I found myself climbing Cascadilla Gorge in Ithaca with Stef (aka Daughter #1) and her godmother, Aunt Beth, who is my best friend from college. Beth and I have known each other for 25 years (gasp!). We met when I was a nervous, lost transfer student to Georgetown. She was the fun, energetic girl with the great voice whose dorm was next to mine. A friendship was born; one that has weathered every possible sadness and triumph.

Walk up the gorge = much huffing and puffing. Lunch at top of gorge = $21.83. Lifelong friendship =priceless

The gorge climbing might have been a wee bit too much activity, because I’ve been getting sick and yesterday it hit with a vengeance. The doc put me on antibiotics for an infection. I feel really weird. Kind of woozy and not fully attached to my body. Not sure if it’s the infection or the meds. Whatever it is, I wish it would stop RIGHT NOW.

Help me out. I need links to funny Internet sites.

Hit me, people. I will spend the day feeling woozy, watching World Cup soccer, and surfing your suggestions.

(I can’t figure out if I should be cheering for the Netherlands, because they wear orange so boldly, or Serbia-Montenegro, because I feel bad that the proud name of their nation is abbreviated to SMT on the television.)

(Isn’t woozy a great word? woozywoozywoozy)

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  1. GoFugYourself
    is a website that makes fun of the way that
    celebrities dress. They really hit Jessica Simpson
    and Brittney Spears alot.

  2. Evolution of Dance
    I don’t know about the other links on this page, but the last one is “computer screen killer”. It’s also called “Stress Relief” you download it and install. It’s fun to play with. It’s gets better when you realize you can blow up the ants with the flamethrower.
    More dancing videos which are more fun than funny. Dog free style dance competition.
    The One That I want, from Grease
    Charlie Chaplain dog dance
    Same dog/owner as the charlie chaplain dance

    I hope you enjoy these links and feel better soon.

  3. yes!!!

    I am now totally addicted to Overheard in New York– just needed to thank you for that!

  4. Speaking of too much activity, I went rollerblading with my friend’s daughter yesterday. Ow. I’m about 8 years out of practice. My hands are all bruised and scraped up from breaking my fall every other time I tried to turn. I swear it was never that hard when I was 12.

    Funny site: http://www.jasonlove.com/

    Also you should check out this site, ’cause Dave is an amazingly weird, funny, smart, compassionate guy and his stuff rocks (I’m not the only one who thinks so, he’s presenting at some national Vlogger thing this weekend): http://davemedia.blogspot.com/ Some of the clips are pretty serious, but some are funny too.

  5. Did you follow proper protocol for post-Cascadilla climbing? You must (you must!) proceed directly to Straight Scoop in WSH for ice cream and/or fresh squeezed lemonade, to be consumed as you sit on the deck and recover.

    Except I think Straight Scoop might not be there anymore (I am old)…

    Ice cream and/or lemonade is highly recommended for post-climb so as to ward off any lurking itinerant virus (viri? virii?)

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