The Contest!

I know I promised this, oh… five months ago. I could say I’ve been busy, which is true, but that would just be an excuse, so instead I’ll say mea maxima culpa.

If you want to win a free copy of the SPEAK DVD, then enter the contest!!

If you just want a signed copy of the DVD insert, click on the contest link above and scroll down.

Let the game begin!

15 Replies to “The Contest!”

  1. I really liked the dog questions from SPEAK…the dog is such a small detail about Melinda but it says so much about her family…

    Anyway, i just read this book, and i’ve been meaning to ask you about it, hope you don’t mind. It was called THE DEATH OF IVAN ILYCH, by Leo Tolstoy, and parts of IT it reminded me a lot of SPEAK, and i was just wondering if you’d read the book.

    Guess that’s it; take care & peace out!

  2. Er, yes.

    I only know scattered things about Fever 1793 & Catalyst.
    A dog in ‘Speak’…I really need to re-read it.
    Prom…haven’t gotten my hands on that one.

    Why must you torment me?!

    Um, yeah. =D

  3. The movie-mention reminded me . . .

    I was psyched to see a poster the other day advertising the Seattle Children’s Theater production of SPEAK!

  4. Re: The movie-mention reminded me . . .

    I hope someone from Seattle who gets to watch it will tell me what they think of the production.

  5. Re: The movie-mention reminded me . . .

    Where did you see a poster? When is it playing??

  6. Oh man….

    I feel like such a loser. I’ve never gotten around to getting a copy of Speak, and I never read Fever. I know I could just borrow one form a library, but I live out in The Middle of Nowhere and I’m sixteen and don’t even have my permit, so by the time I got to one, 12 people would have already entered. Double-loser.

    But at least I do faintly remember the dog…. 🙂

  7. The only question that I don’t know is the last line spoken by King George……………..

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