Second catch-update BEA – Day 1

(Pardon the crumbs, but I am inhaling a sandwich as I type this.)

From the glorious (and rather flat) state of Indiana, I flew into Washington, DC. Got in so early that my hotel room wasn’t ready, which was fine with me because I needed a belt and (gasp!) stockings. Our hotel was at 23rd and M, which meant that Georgetown was a short walk away, so off I went.

(Nostalgia interlude: I graduated from Georgetown University, so the area was very familiar…but not. They have turned M Street into an upscale mall complete with Pottery Barn and overpriced EVERYTHING. Ack. I could only find one old stomping ground (i.e. bar): Mr. Smith’s. Oh, Georgetown, what hath they done to thee? End of interlude.)

I finally stumbled into Urban Outfitters and then had to start muttering “belt, belt, belt, you can only buy a belt” under my breath because I wanted to buy much, much more. Bracelets, in particular, were calling my name. In fact, several of them had leapt onto my wrist when I looked up and saw Sarah Dessen, aka writergrl. That was a blast. We caught up with each other (hadn’t seen each other since TLA in Austin the year before), and coordinated our dinner outfits.

OK – “coordinated our dinner outfits” is a phrase I never, ever thought I would type, unless someone was holding a gun to my head. This is the Power of Sarah – she makes females like me (i.e. rowdy tom-boy types) coordinate. And, heaven help me, I liked it. Amazing. (Here is Sarah’s BEA entry).

I did buy a belt. I also bought a pair of kick-butt studded leather bracelets which sdn said reminded her of Wonder Woman. This thrilled me because I had a life-size poster of Wonder Woman on my closet door when I was a kid. Which completely explains why I adore Xena so.

Then I had to buy stockings, because I had to go to an auction and a dinner and I had to wear (sigh) a dress.

The silent auction was a fundraiser for the Association of Booksellers for Children, one the coolest groups on the planet. It was wicked, wicked crowded and LOUD, but I ran into all kinds of friends and made some new ones. (See photos.) ABC sponsored the dinners, too, where I was fortunate to be seated between two of my favorite booksellers in the country, Jewel Stoddard and Elizabeth Bluemle (who is also an author!). Jerry Pinckney and Eoin Colfer both spoke, but the highlight of the night for me was being present for the awards given to Anne Irish and Katherine Paterson (she won the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award).

But it got better.

Elizabeth was gracious enough to introduce me to Katherine Paterson. Katerine Paterson touched my hand. She smiled at me. She was the definition of graciousness. She had never heard of me, of course, but it didn’t matter. IT WAS KATHERINE PATERSON. SQWEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Honest, I did not make that noise in front of her. But I was making it in my head. I GOT TO TOUCH HER HAND!!!

::composes self:: Enough fangrlling.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Sarah at the store

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Me at store (you can’t see me clutching the magical bracelets)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic This times thirty was the auction.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Holly Black, Cecil Castellucci, et moi.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Web God, aka Theo Black, with the loverlys Holly & Cecil.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Another one of my heroes, literaticat, who writes the best comments in LJ Land.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic After a million, bazillion emails, I finally get to stand in the presence of the guy who makes my website rock: Theo!

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    My attitude towards her is like that I had when I was a kid, when I didn’t really grasp that writers were people, were still alive, might answer letters or own cats or, well, eat or whatever. I am over this. Except for where Katherine Paterson is concerned.


    P.S. I love your books. Even if you eat.

  2. I know. I’m bummed.

    They do not carry Sarah’s books or my books either. But they sell these books.

    I think our wonderful readers should email Urban Outfitters or call them at 800-959-8794 and politely suggest that they should add our titles to the books they already carry.

    But that’s just my opinion…

  3. Hey there,

    Your “Xena” link also leads to “Wonder Woman,” is that on purpose? I stumbled on your blogpost while doing a blogsearch for “Xena” … I take it you really are a fan? 🙂

  4. Katherine Paterson

    the first time I read Bridge to Terabithia (I was 9 or 10) I cried.
    the first time I read Gilly Hopkins I lauged, cringed and cried (in that order)

    *sigh* she writes good books.

    P.S. Eoin Colfer has the coolest name. I first read Artemis while at the Jersey Shore and laughed out loud when Mulch Diggums unloaded his “waste” at Butler. People started to stare and I kept on laughing.

  5. I am so jealous of you. 🙂 Katharine Patersen is a hero of mine. Sarah, Holly and Cecil are amazing, Theo is a hottie, and is awesome. But then, you’re pretty awesome yourself!

  6. Oh, I’ve been trying so hard to read you quietly, but your last bit about the “SQWEEEEEEEEE!” just made me howl with laughter, and I have to peek my head up and thank you for giving me such a lovely reason to finish my evening with a smile.

    I had a similar reaction many moons (centuries?) ago when I had a chance to take workshop from Maxine Kumin. :::sigh:::

    OK, I’m ducking back down and will continue to read you quietly.

  7. Other Xena links? Sure. 🙂

    Here’s the Xena entry in Wikipedia (which I actually contributed to).

    Here’s Whoosh!, a great Xena site with an extensive episode guide for both Xena and Hercules, including full transcripts and summaries and reviews. Whoosh! also has a lot of fan-written essays about various aspects of the show, a full list of the cast and staff, etc.

    XWP Online” — good Xena site with a lot of information about the show, screengrab galleries, video and audio clips, updates on what the actors are currently doing, etc.

    And finally, my favorite… 😀

    Xena Online Community

    That’s a Xena message board I co-moderate. You should check it out sometime, it’s a fun and friendly place with a lot of interesting discussions about all things Xena (from the serious to the frivolous :D) and others.

    Oh! and one more…

    What We Owe Xena

    That’s an article I wrote for for the 10th anniversary of Xena. 🙂


  8. haha! I look like a hunchback!

    (but a glamourous one!)

    I’m finally home. YAY!

    And it was so nice to meet you, I am still aglow. Fun!

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