First catch-update: Indiana PROM contest winner

Still scrambling to get life back in order after the last two months of travel, so bear with me, please.

The whole reason I went to Indiana was to celebrate the writing talent of Chelsey W., a senior at Goshen High School in Goshen, IN. She won the Baker & Taylor PROM contest. As a part of that, I spent a day at her school, speaking about books, life, and really enjoying the company of Chelsey and her mom. Many, many thanks to everybody in Goshen: Chelsey, librarian Theresa Collins, all of the students*, the principal who gave me a Goshen blanket that is wrapped around me as I type this, the kids who came over from the middle school, the OK group – everybody.

*especially Jessica from Delaware who made a point of telling me how much she liked some of the weird things I did to conventional narrative devices in SPEAK and PROM!!! Hi Jess!

I am still waiting for the legal permissions I need to be able to post Chelsey’s submission, and those of the runners-up on the website. Will let you know as soon as that happens.

Other updates to follow through the day!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Chelsey and her mom

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Two authors

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Two authors with additude!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Super-librarian Theresa

4 Replies to “First catch-update: Indiana PROM contest winner”

  1. *Delware*

    Hey this is Jessica Camacho. “The girl from Delaware”
    I wanted to thank you for coming to Goshen High School. Meeting you was extremely exciting..(I don’t know if you saw it but I was jumping up and down!) I love your books and the way you write. They keep me entertained and they make me laugh. (which is the bets part because i’m a giggle monster!) Anyone who can make me laugh is one of my people.

  2. *Delware*

    ^Oops! I accidentally pressed enter! Silly me..

    I loved meeting you. I thought it was going to be a lot different. I spoke to my friends before you came and they said things like “She’s gonna look at you like you’re the devil!” (Since I have piercings, the way i dress…ect.) But it was waaaay different. You’re awesomely(probably not a word..?) awesome and cool! Like I’re probably one of those cool moms. We spoke for a while and you seem like a really nice person. I like your personality. You kinda act like me! Always silly and making people laugh. Pretty fun.
    Well I think i’m done writing but here’s my e-mail and I also have a LiveJournal.(which I forgot since I haven’t been on there in a while but i’ll try and get it)
    Again, it was great meeting you. Good luck with your many books to come!

    Your friend, Jessica Camacho

  3. What a Great Day!

    Oh my it was so fun meeting you! (this is chelsey by the way lol) I had such an amazing time hangin out and learning more about your characters/books/writing style and just Everything! It was such a fun experience and I really needed it. It was so awesome to actually meet an author that i really can relate with and i absolutely LOVE your writing style! You’re books are wonderful. I’m cramming through them as we speak! 😀 Thank you so much for comming out to my school and spending one on one time with me! Def. keep in touch! 😀 my email is and my college email (which i will be using shortly) is 😀 I hope you had a nice trip back!
    thanx again for everything! I cant wait to get all of the pix developed!! Yours are great!

  4. Thanks again!!


    One of my students saw your books in my office and said, “Wow, I can’t believe you have three of my favorite books on your bookshelf!” It turns out that the three books were yours! Thank you again for a wonderful visit in Goshen with my daughter Chelsey. She graduated yesterday and we displayed the Creative Memories book from your visit at her graduation party on Saturday.

    You are an inspiring woman…

    Best Wishes

    Cynthia M.W. a.k.a. Chelsey’s mom

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