Calling time-out

First – major congrats and humble bows to Gerry Mac who put the entire Syracuse community on his back last night and won the game against Georgetown. It was amazing.

Next – we had robins in our yard this morning. Of course, it is supposed to snow later this week, but we’ll take hints of spring where we can find them. The farmers down the road are tapping their maple trees. The earth is waking up.

I have loved reading all of the haiku you guys sent in. Wow! I hope the prompt got your muses busy.

That’s what I need right now – a busy muse. So I am calling a Creative Weekend. No more hotel reservations, no more email or taxes or anything that is not fictional or creative. My muse is hungry and it is time to feed her.

See you Monday.

3 Replies to “Calling time-out”

  1. I hope your muse gives you lots of good ideas. Then again it always does in the end of course. That reminds me I saw a seagull right in the middle of the street yesterday! and people are getting cheery again. If that doesn’t tell you spring is coming I don’t know what does. – Jessica

  2. your stepdaughters name is Jessica? I tell you it’s hard to be a Jessica because you have to work extra hard to be unique from all the other Jessica’s in the world. In my English class alone there’s two other Jessica’s 3 including me. Jessica’s rock the world! – Jessica

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