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Shhhhhh…. want an ARC?

TweetI feel like a literary pusher whispering to passers-by on a street corner when I say this but, ::whispers:: want an ARC of Wintergirls? There are limited quantities available from my most adored Uncle Penguin. How do you try to score a copy? Head over to the Wintergirls MySpace page. Details are in the blog […]
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Shifting gears

TweetLast night’s activities (I’m at the Kindling Words retreat in Vermont, remember) were a blast; poetry, painting, and drumming. I might need a drum, BH. Too much fun for words. (Though my hands are a little sore!) It’s time to shift gears in the Publicity part of my brain from CHAINS to WINTERGIRLS. This is […]
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My own voice in my head, for a change

TweetSpent part of yesterday out of my comfort zone. Instead of writing my words, I was reading them out loud. Brilliance Audio asked me to record the dedication and acknowledgments to WINTERGIRLS as well as answer some interview questions and read my poem “Listen” so they could include all of it on the audio version […]
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Shiny Days and over the pond news

TweetWhew! I’m still in a post-announcements daze. Uncle Simon and Aunt Schuster have made images of CHAINS sporting its pretty NBA and O’Dell hardware available. I cannot resist. Shiny! Yesterday brought two last bits of very-much appreciated news. CHAINS was named a 2009 Notable Book by ALSC and it made the YALSA Best Books for […]
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TweetWoke up to another foot of snow and absolutely no ambition to do anything except for watching it fall. Ahhhhhh….
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The Details of Today’s Adventures! With More Dancing!

TweetI have finally calmed down and warmed up enough to blog. Sort of. Where to start? I know. Congratulations to all of the winners and honor book winners announced today at ALA MidWinter!!! (I am looking for one page to link to that lists all of the winners. Can anyone help with that?) I am […]
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Matters of the Heart in Colonial America

TweetI came across two interesting newspaper announcements when I was researching yesterday. From the NY Gazetter and Weekly Mercury, Feb 24, 1777: “If Daniel Carroll, late of Elizabeth-Town, New-Jersey, will call upon Mr. David Mercereau, on Staten-Island, he will hear where his wife is now.” And from the The Pennsylvania Gazette, March 26, 1777 “Jemima […]
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Friday Five – Book News Edition & Twitterpation

TweetThank you everyone for the very sweet comments and emails about the O’Dell Award! I am still tingling with excitement and hyperventilating. Christmas is finally over up here on the Tundra. We’ve had Daughter #1 (aka Bookavore) and her boyfriend up here for the final celebration. Author Alert – Bookavore is moving to the Big […]
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Doing the Happy Dance in my Longjohns

TweetSQUEEEEEEE!!!!! I have a wee bit of news to share. CHAINS is the winner of the 2009 Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction. Here is the formal language: “Laurie Halse Anderson has won the 2009 Scott O’Dell Award for Chains (S&S, October 2008), narrated by teenaged Isabel Finch during the Revolutionary War. Although Isabel and […]
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We are our history and our future

TweetThis is a day of celebration for all Americans. I’ll be watching the Inauguration with Isabel and Curzon from Chains. We’ll be crying and dancing for joy.
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