My own voice in my head, for a change

Spent part of yesterday out of my comfort zone. Instead of writing my words, I was reading them out loud. Brilliance Audio asked me to record the dedication and acknowledgments to WINTERGIRLS as well as answer some interview questions and read my poem “Listen” so they could include all of it on the audio version of the book.

BH and I went down to the Hobin Studios where we worked with the extremely capable Brett Hobin. (Yes, Central New Yorkers – Brett is the son of Todd Hobin, as in the Todd Hobin Band we listened to in our misspent youth.)

Brett had all kinds of sound recording goodies that BH tried not to drool on.

I was very nervous – don’t know why, it’s sort of a dumb thing to be nervous about – but Brett got me through it.

Once I got used to hearing my own voice in the exact center of my brain, it was kind of fun.

I’m off for the Kindling Words Retreat! Seeya!

2 Replies to “My own voice in my head, for a change”

  1. It’s not dumb to be nervous. I am a dj for my school’s radio station and EVERY time I am about to go on air I get nervous. Something about a mic in your face does that to you. You would think you get used to it- but I just try to channel my nervous energy into making a good stop set. I’m sure you did fine!

  2. I’m so excited for Wintergirls, and the audio book sounds amazing. I listen to audiobooks while I input data into spreadsheets at work, so that’ll be perfect!

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