laughing in the face of a blizzard

Group One of our College Horde arrived safely last night. Group Two should be here by lunch. Our plan is to feed them a pound of sugar each, then hand over all the Yuletide decorations and let them deck the halls.

We are expecting 25 people for the family Christmas dinner (a little early this year because of various schedules) on Sunday. We are also expecting a blizzard on Sunday, with several feet of snow and 50 mph winds from the Arctic. I foresee half a ton of extra food lingering in our fridge for weeks.

Remember the mass of yarn I was untangling at NCTE? Project finished!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic I made fingerless gloves because it gets a little chilly in my loft.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARYN NOVEMBER!!!! Go tell her thank you for being such a great editor and helping her authors produce fabulous books!

Up for a gulp of air

Writing going well.

First draft done. (That’s the one where I just write all the voices in my head.)

Second draft started. (This is the one in which I have to make sense of Draft One. Much harder.)

I will keep working on this until the Hordes of College Students descend upon us this weekend. Then I’ll shift back to the few scenes that need a final polish in my historical novel, because it’s easier to work on a book that is mostly finished when your house has so many people in it. In a week or so, things will calm down and I will return to Draft Two of the YA.

Happy Birthday, Tamora Pierce, Goddess Writer Who Lives In Syracuse!!!! Stop by her LJ here, tammypierce or go there the old-fashioned way and wish her a hearty “Huzzah!”

Number One Son has a swim meet this afternoon, so I have to dive back into the story now. THANK YOU SNOW GODS for canceling everyfreaking thing in Central New York this afternoon!!! New goal – work on creepy chapter 7 and creepier chapter 8!

And still, thank you, Thea Gilmore, for getting me through this one.

Question – since I am on a Thea Gilmore kick, can you recommend some other singers in the same vein?

My corner of heaven

I’m sitting in the sunroom (yes, wearing sunscreen) so I can enjoy the view.

What do you think?

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The Creature With Fangs loves snow. She gallops across the yard, maw hanging open so she can scoop up snow and eat it. Reminds me of a whale inhaling crill.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What’s the weather where you are?

Gazing in a crystal ball & contest to win a signed book

At about three this morning, a chunk of ice the size of a coffee table and six inches thick released itself from our upper roof and crashed into the roof of the sunporch, right outside my bedroom window. The impact put a sizable dent in the two layers of steel roofing. It also woke me up. Nearly gave me a heart attack, in fact.

I think this is going to be a long day.

I leave on the book tour in one week, exactly. First stop will be Arkansas and Mississippi. I have not been to either state yet and am very stoked. The Mississippi event is open to the public. It is actually more of a Tennessee/Mississippi event. The store, Books-A-Million, is in Southaven, MS, which is a suburb of Memphis, TN.

Do you know anyone who lives near Memphis? If so, would you consider begging them to go to my signing on Wednesday, March 22? How about Oxford, MS? I’ll be there on Thursday, March 26th. The bookstore is Square Books, Jr. and the event starts at 3:30pm. Author Karen Hesse (whom I adore) will be there, too, so please, please, grab the dog and the kids and join us!

One of the nice things about having the first part of the tour set in the South is that the chances of sheets of ice crashing in the middle of the night are slim.

It’s time for a contest!!!! Guess when the last bit of snow is going to melt in my yard. Step right up, folks! Declare your guess for the the date and time in the Comments. Guesses must be posted by one week from today, Tuesday, March 20th. The person who comes closest will win a signed copy of TWISTED.

Let the game begin!

Booktour hints

I am on a dead run today, so this will be quick. Here are the states I’ll be visiting on booktour in March!

(In chronological order)
New York

Several states have multiple signings. Details tomorrow – I promise!!!! I ‘ll give cities, stores, times, everything. I am SO EXCITED about this!!!

(TWISTED goes on sale in exactly one month. Be still my beating heart.)

I am also excited about the following photographs:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic The roof cleaners are here!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic That is the Daddy Roof, forty feet up. See why I didn’t want to go up it?