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I am on a dead run today, so this will be quick. Here are the states I’ll be visiting on booktour in March!

(In chronological order)
New York

Several states have multiple signings. Details tomorrow – I promise!!!! I ‘ll give cities, stores, times, everything. I am SO EXCITED about this!!!

(TWISTED goes on sale in exactly one month. Be still my beating heart.)

I am also excited about the following photographs:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic The roof cleaners are here!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic That is the Daddy Roof, forty feet up. See why I didn’t want to go up it?

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  1. wow i don’t blame you for not wanting to go up and shovel off your roof. yay for roof cleaners.

    will you be doing a signing at the river’s end bookstore for “Twisted” ?

  2. Dangit, why do your books seem to always come out RIGHT after my birthday? This time it’s the day after! Maybe someone will give me a B&N gift card then… 🙂

  3. Just curious

    Just out of curiosity….

    who decides which states/cities you visit?

    Does the publisher decide based on great sales in those particular places? (either from previous signings or just bookstore sales figures?)

    Or you’ve been to those places before and things went well so you yourself get to pick?

    Some of us wannabe writers out here in cyberland are curious-

  4. i’m desperately afraid of heights as well, but for me it’s always been more the fear of falling off than the height itself, which leads me to wonder: with all the snow you’ve had up there, if you fell forty feet off a roof would you even notice?

  5. Ooooooooh, Ohio. Now I just need to know WHERE and a more exact when so I can call off work and follow you around the state. Only, ya know, not, cause that would be a little weird.

  6. oh jeez. i’ve been awake catching up on reading your blog entries (since i’ve been busy with the musical-i promise an update on my life soon though). your entries really make me laugh. i’m glad that you and your family have survived the storm and you’re all okay. about you being on an 80s music kick-i’m on one too even though i never experienced it LOL. do you like the song “99 luftballons” by nena? have you even heard it? it’s pretty good and it’s all in german. i can’t wait to find out where you’ll be appearing. i’ll have to try and convince my parents to take me up to wherever you’ll be in NY since that’s pretty close to PA LOL. or hopefully you’ll be in NYC on april 26, 27, or 28th? that’s when i’ll be there with my mom on the choir trip. who knows if you will be though. it’d be nice but maybe i’ll get to see you soon. i really miss you. thanks for being a great friend and mentor. =) ♥

  7. I ADORE the Tattered Cover, and so am extremely sad to report that I won’t be going there.

    (If I ever get to be a Big Shot Author, I shall demand that Colorado be put on the schedule.)

    (Not really. I am not the demanding type. But I’ll whine about it until someone caves.)

  8. Re: Florida tour

    I wish there was that kind of flexibility! Sorry, cuz, not this time.

    I’ll wave as the plane passes over the central part of the state.

  9. Re: Just curious

    Mostly the publisher decides. I think they have an Oracle in the basement that spits out the recommendations.

    I have no idea how or if sales figures enter the picture. This is only my second book tour. I know that they designed this one to take me to areas that I did not visit on the first tour (which was for PROM). Does that help?

  10. Check out the dedication to TWISTED. It will make a lot of sense to you.

    (And you made him grin with that comment – thanks!)

  11. You mean you’re NOT a Big Shot Author?! I’m thinking you are, sister.

    And please do whine next time around to get yourself in this neck of the woods. 🙂

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