Book Tour Day 10 Report – No Problems, Houston

I can’t believe I got up when the alarm went off, but I did. I do not remember the shuttle ride to the airport, but once I got through the security ritual, I found a Starbucks and stood at the gate until the barristas took pity on me and opened up a few minutes early. Another morning, another Powerbar.

On the plane I did that thing where you fall asleep and your head drops forward and you jolt awake because you think you are falling 30,000 feet and then you fall asleep again and your head drops forward and you jolt awake because you think you are falling 30,000 feet and then you fall asleep again …. I did that about 10,000 times before we landed in Houston.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicBest sign I saw all day.

First stop of the day: Alief Hastings High School.

Book Tour Day 9 Report, Short Version

It is 10:15 pm and I am eating my dinner in my hotel room, preparing to go to bed. Why? Because I have to be up at 3:30am to catch the 4am shuttle for an obscenely early flight that is completely necessary if I am going to make all of my events in Houston tomorrow.

I will provide more photos and details later but here is the short version:

My flight this morning was an early one, too, so I ate the Road Warrior’s Breakfast of Champions: a Powerbar and fruit.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic It was so pretty, it inspired a haiku.

Sublime breakfast food
Oatmeal Raisin Powerbar
Carbo-hydrate me.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Yum.

The plane was a couple hours late, but Derry Wilkens, The Amazing Publicist, is psychic and she just knew that would happen so she arranged for it to occur on a day when I had some free time to kill.

I met a lot of very nice people and signed more than 650 books. Seriously. My author schlepper counted for me. I really want to tell you everything, but I have GOT to get to bed, so it all has to wait until tomorrow. Or maybe Friday, because tomorrow is freaking insane.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Thank you, St. Louis.


Disgustingly early flight to Houston, TX. Much drooling on self on plane.
Arrive at airport. Change to dry shirt.

10:30 AM Signing at Alief Hastings High School (not open to public)

Sponsored by Blue Willow Bookshop
14532 Memorial Dr.
Houston, TX 77079

Grab lunch on the road.

1:30 PM Signing at St. John’s School (not open to public, either)

4:00 PM Signing at Brazos Bookstore (OPEN TO PUBLIC!!!!!)
2421 Bissonnet
Houston, TX 77005

Dinner with librarians and teachers. Guaranteed to be more refined than what I am eating right now.

After dinner, drive to Austin. Check into hotel. Sleep like death.

Friday afternoon odds n ends


Thank you lost-child2 for taking the time yesterday to explain how the Literature Map works. You can read both of his explanations if you scroll down through yesterday’s comments.

My food quirk of the moment? Straight wasabi paste on baby carrots.

Do you know about Library Thing? (Thank you mikigarrison for pointing it out. Do any of you post to it? What do you think (here’s the SPEAK entry)?

Other deep thoughts: it possible to eat too much wasabi? Does anyone have a wasabi muffin recipe? What about wasabi/lemon/poppy seed?

Oh, man. I just realized I am also craving lox. It’s a good thing we live out in the middle of nowhere.