11 Replies to “Friday dreaming”

  1. Look at ALL the choices!

    I scrolled through to see how bad it could possibly get and found one that actually sounds tempting…Stout Ice Cream…as in dark and frothy ice cold beer…ummmm…I’m in for Happy Hour!

  2. Ewwwwwwwww. Poor horses!! I did not know they used horseflesh in dog food either. Better not let my mom find out about this, ’cause she’ll probably go over to Japan on crusade for the horses.

  3. Japan is fascinating. There are vending machines all over that sell everything from beer to bait.

    When I was there (a number of years ago) we played a sort of vending machine roulette. We couldn’t read the labels, so we’d just put in a few coins and push a random button. Once we got a container of dirt filled with live worms.

  4. Off topic, but I saw Speak in my university bookstore. At Washington State University, there’s a class on Young Adult Lit (which I really hope I get a chance to take!) and it’s a required book for that class. Since you were asking a couple of months ago what schools were using your book!

  5. Ewww! Gross.

    On the Japan front, though, have you ever attended fan conventions? The biggest one in science fiction fandom is called WorldCon, and it rotates around the world. Well, this year it’s in Japan over Labor Day weekend.

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