Friday afternoon odds n ends


Thank you lost-child2 for taking the time yesterday to explain how the Literature Map works. You can read both of his explanations if you scroll down through yesterday’s comments.

My food quirk of the moment? Straight wasabi paste on baby carrots.

Do you know about Library Thing? (Thank you mikigarrison for pointing it out. Do any of you post to it? What do you think (here’s the SPEAK entry)?

Other deep thoughts: it possible to eat too much wasabi? Does anyone have a wasabi muffin recipe? What about wasabi/lemon/poppy seed?

Oh, man. I just realized I am also craving lox. It’s a good thing we live out in the middle of nowhere.

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  1. P.S.! I just noticed that bravo is for me – thank you! I’m assuming it’s for the Patrick Moore interview and not kudos for cleaning my sink with a toothbrush. 🙂 (Though I am rather proud of that, too.)

  2. Tim’s Cascade Potato Chips makes wasabi chips that i am quite fond of. I’m not sure you can get them on the east coast, though…

  3. I discovered LibraryThing the weekend I was cramming for two of my lit class exams. I credit it for saving my brain from turning to postmodern mush.

  4. have you had wasabi peas? I love them! Favorite snack!

    And how about cucumbers with Frank’s Hot Sauce (buffalo sauce?). Mmmm!

    I’m going to try your wasabi/carrot combo! (No baby carrots here in Shanghai)

  5. My food quirk of the moment? Straight wasabi paste on baby carrots.

    well i guess i know now why your daughter is such a freak 🙂

  6. that’s fair. i one watched my friend jonah drink a pint glass containing milk, sprite, vanilla ice cream, rice pilaf, broccoli, haddock and a generous dusting of pepper.

    to this day he swears that it was the broccoli alone that made him sick.

    and this conversation is going to generate such amusing ads in gmail 🙂

  7. My food quirk of the moment? Straight wasabi paste on baby carrots.

    That my friend, is hard core.

    I, too love wasabi…but not quite that much.

    Every have wasabi peas? Delicious crunchy deep fried treat!

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