What advice can you give aspiring authors?

  1. Learn to live frugally and avoid debt as best you can.
  2. Write what you want, not according to trends or market reports.
  3. Make writing time a daily habit and make it your priority.
  4. A degree in Creative Writing (undergrad or Master’s) is a very expensive piece of paper that does not guarantee you will be published. Do a lot of research before you sign up for it.
  5. Read every night before you fall asleep.
  6. Don’t pressure yourself about publication.
  7. Focus on improving your craft.
  8. Join a writer’s group that is supportive and fun.
  9. Write the story that is in your heart.
  10. William Faulkner said, “Don’t be ‘a writer.’ Be writing.” Pay attention to Mr. Faulkner.