Do you really think that writers should give up TV?

At the Jing’an Buddhist Temple in Shanghai, China
It depends. If they adore the shows they watch, if TV-watching is relaxing, and it feeds their heads and relationships, if they are mindful about what they choose to watch instead of just channel-surfing and watching too many commercials, then I say “awesomeness.” And even if none of those conditions apply, even if a significant portion of their lives is dedicated to watching Law & Order reruns 24/7, then that’s cool, too, if they are happy.

But if they say they want to write, if they think about writing a lot, if they complain all the time that they don’t have time to write, and like most people are watching at least 4 hours of TV a day, then they need to figure some stuff out.

Writing can make us feel vulnerable. It can dredge up all kinds of scary and negative emotions. That’s why we so often waste our precious writing time — we are afraid.

There is nothing wrong with being afraid to write. There is nothing wrong with watching television or spending your time collecting stamps or cleaning old graveyards or talking to chickens. But if it your dream to write, then…. please make the time in your life to write. You deserve to follow your dreams.