Behind the Scenes: A Trip to NYC

As you can tell from her Events page, Laurie’s been traveling all over tarnation doing school visits, conferences, conventions, you name it. She’s also been hard at work on writing the Wonder Woman graphic novel for DC, plus a few other Secret Projects I am not at liberty to discuss, or someone will revoke my author assistant card! But in there, she found time for a quick trip to NYC to visit her publishing team at Penguin and do some pre-pub work on SHOUT, and I thought y’all might enjoy a peek behind the scenes of Author Life.

First up was a media luncheon, at which she got to sit and chat with folks from the press about SHOUT, the #MeToo movement, the state of the world in general, and why she’s hopeful now of all times. Being an author is not nearly as glamorous as people think, but this is one of the few times that authors live that Fancy Life — good food, good conversation, and a gorgeous display of her book!

a stack of galleys of SHOUT displayed next to a vase of white roses and ferns
Photo credit: Jenn Northington


Then it was off to a recording studio where she did a video interview, read from SHOUT, and recorded some special messages for booksellers and librarians. You’ll probably be seeing them online in the coming months, so keep an eye out!

Laurie, sitting in a chair and facing a recording team. Their backs are to us. On the left is a large light, then a young woman with dark hair seated talking to Laurie, then a man wearing headphones bent over a camera screen.
Photo credit: Jenn Northington
Laurie stands against a wall painted in stripes of dark beige and white, wearing a green sweater and gray pants. Several cameras are set up around her, and she's about to read from SHOUT.
Photo credit: Jenn Northington


She also got some new author photos taking, which you’ll also be seeing around in the coming months, but here’s an out-take just for you:

Laurie from the waste up. She's standing in front of trees and she's wearing her Got Consent? t-shirt, smiling at the camera.
Photo credit: Randy Fontanilla


Reminder: You can pre-order SHOUT from your local indie!


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