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The cleaning and decorating in the Forest in finally done. (Pics tomorrow!) Today I’ll be trying to make a gingerbread house and baking biscotti and other family favorites. And it’s time to make the rice pudding for the Julenisse! While puttering around the kitchen, I’ll be catching up on videos that I’ve bookmarked. Do you have anything that you think I should watch?

I have something for you. When I was in Austin for the Texas Book Festival, Vicki Smith from Kirkus interviewed me. I think it is one of the best interviews ever, ranging from FORGE to my feelings when people try to ban my books. Enjoy!


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  1. what a lovely way to start my day.
    I have not read Chains or Forge yet but, they are requested from my library… I am excited.

  2. My literary hero!
    You’re great with interviews and speaking. Thanks for venturing out of the forest to tour this year!
    Yes, here’s another person waiting to read the conclusion of the trilogy.
    And another YA…
    And another picture book…

  3. Great words on Speak, and interesting to hear about your research and secret weapon.

    For a video, I know you like Neil Gaiman, and so if you haven’t seen it already, here’s a spooky Christmas card.

  4. Dear Laurie Halse Anderson,

    We got assigned to read Chains for a literature project. Our group consists of four sixth graders, three boys, Jack, Matt, and Justin, and one girl, Sonia. We live on Cape Cod. We all enjoyed your book and your writing. The only thing is that the beginning and some other parts are kind of slow. We liked the way you built suspense and added interesting personalities for the characters. The detail and the description of every scene was fantastic and made a clean picture in our minds. Our favorite character is Curzon because we liked his rebellious spirit. We look forward to reading the sequel to your fantastic book.

    -6th Graders of Cape Cod Academy

  5. Dear Laurie Halse Anderson,
    We learned about your book Fever when our teacher, Mrs. Remillard assigned it to us. Our names are Karinna, Caroline, Danny, and Devon. We all rated it four out of fives stars. Devon rated the book three out of five stars. It was a very good book. Karinna and Caroline’s favorite part of the book was when the fever was over and the frost came. Danny’s favorite part was when the grandfather and Matilda came home to the house. We were all confused about the middle part when Matilda and her grandfather were lost. Another group in our class of 15 read Chains. We had to make a presentation about the book. We are making a PowerPoint and a poster. When we were writing the poster we put down all the characters. Caroline and Karinna’s character was Nell. Danny and Devon liked the grandfather. We are hoping to read another one of your books.


    Devon, Karinna, Danny, and Caroline

  6. Dear Laurie Halse Anderson,
    I am doing a project in school called Distinguished Women. It is a project where we chose a women either in the past or present who has made a significant contribution to socitety through their work. I have enjoyed your books so much that I chose to do my project on you! In March, we will present our person we chose and talk about their life and work. In my speech, I have to dress up like you ( I have recently bought one of you T- Shirts from your store!)and pretend that I am you. I have read your biography on your website and I was wondering if you could give me some more detailed information about yourself as a child growing up and what influenced you to be the person you are today. When did you first want to become a writer? Where did you go to school? Are other people in your family writers? You have written for many audiences, do you have a favorite? Do you already know about the topics you write about or do you have to do a lot of research? I really appreciate any information you can give me! I hope to one day be a successful author as well. Thank You !

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