In the Home Stretch…

Most of you know that Laurie is very into running; her enthusiasm for the sport even rubbed off on me and my sons when we ran in Paige’s Butterfly Run with her and Scot. (I was last out of the group, but I finished!)  Laurie and Scot will be running in the Philadelphia Half Marathon next weekend; and while thinking about this post and that run, I imagine that at this stage in the book tour Laurie would be in the home stretch to the finish line in a half marathon.  I also know from just running a 5K that the last mile, or home stretch, is the most surreal experience.  You are beyond tired, almost giddy; yet you are so pumped that you have come this far. And then… it’s over.

Laurie has a few more public events and lots of school visits in the last few miles of this marathon book tour.  Come on out and cheer her on!

Thank you to all the booksellers, teachers, librarians, author nannies, parents, and readers (and the behind the scenes peeps – Deb, Anna and Paul) who have made this book tour such a success.  You have carried Laurie through this marathon with your heartfelt stories and praise.  I can’t wait to meet her at the finish line!

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