At the Halfway Mark!!

In a hurried early morning phone call to the Forest, Laurie asked that I fill you in on her activities since she last posted.

Laurie is so grateful to everyone who has come out to see her at her many events; those that walked a block and those that drove for hours, doesn’t matter, she thanks you.  She has met many new people, has reconnected with friends and fans alike, and has been ushered around this country by some amazing people. (Keep reading to see highlights!)  Here are the public events where you can find Laurie next:

Friday, November 5 – Houston, Texas    4:30PM CST Blue Willow Bookshop “Meet and Tweet” Don’t worry if you don’t tweet, you can still meet!

Monday, November 8 – Seattle, Washington    6:30PM-8:00PM PST Seattle Public Library, Ballard Branch

Tuesday, November 9 – Portland, Oregon    7PM PST  Powell’s Bookshop at Cedar Hills Crossing

Side Note:  While in Portland, Laurie will get to meet the really cool kid who made the CHAINS video.  Yes, check it out!  Isaac ROCKS!!!  (Disclaimer:  not my fault if you can’t get the words out of your head after watching this video.)  🙂

Wednesday, November 10 – Menlo Park, California   7PM PST Kepler’s Books

Thursday, November 11 – Travel Day

Friday, November 12 – School visits only

Monday, November 15 – Chicago, Illinois    7PM CST Anderson’s Bookshop, Naperville



Laurie would share really cool photos that she took while at events, which I am sure she will when she can, but I thought I would share some links to two fabulous blogs.   The first link is to the superbly detailed post by Elizabeth Bluemle in her blog, ShelfTalker, on about Laurie’s visit to Vermont where she visited the Flying Pig Bookstore and local schools.  Ms. Bluemle’s description of the day makes me wish I had been there.  Were you?

And then there is this recent post from Jamie, over at the Perpetual Page Turner blog.  Jamie drove an hour with her trusty GPS to see Laurie at Children’s Book World in Haverford, Pennsylvania.  Must take a look – short video of Laurie after she lost her mind, something about an android?

Okay, how does Laurie do this?  I have been working on this for most of the morning and a part of the afternoon.  This, my friends, is why I let her be the author.


Queen Louise

6 Replies to “At the Halfway Mark!!”

  1. Thanks for posting the update.
    Just made plans to take a mini-road trip for the New Orleans date, just like I did two years ago during the Chains tour. I’m excited!

  2. We were singing your praises at Blue Willow today when we talked about SKYPING ! Laurie was incredible as ever! Thanks for all you do! You are amazing too.

  3. Double thanks for stopping by the RIF sites in DC. You have a new not-so-YA fan. After hearing your talk, I have to confess I borrowed the copy of Chains that you signed for one daughter and read it on a flight to Seattle. Wow. Now I have to go borrow the copy of Forge that you signed for my other daughter. I promise to give them back them soon. How long until Ashes?


  4. Hello,
    I just wanted to say it was wonderful to hear you speak at the Miami book Fair. My 13 year old daughter, one of those bright but somewhat underachieving students like you mentioned relating to, was over the moon about hearing you speak. As residents of Florida, who live a 5 hour drive away, inspiring moments like these make the drama of such a road trip with teenagers well worth it! Eventhough I somehow accidentally deleted the photo I took of the two of you at the signing, she was nevertheless impressed and so had spent the weekend txting and telling all of her friends that she met one of her favorite authors! Better still, now she can’t wait to read ALL of your books! Luckily I have a couple already at home, since they were listed on the Honors English “recommended summer reading list” for the high school my two older boys currently attend.

    In any case, I wanted to share the impact that attending the Miami Book Fair had on my daughter. Initially, I tried to ‘friend you on FB’ . Making FB friends seems to be all the rage these days and we do have nearly 20 mutual friends, but I see that this is not an option.

    Still how great it is to have remembered to write down your website , because mostly I just wanted to show my appreciation for how your presentation translated into words of encourage and inspiration for my daughter.

    Lisa Agnew Coombs

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