Let the Forge book tour begin!

I’m leaving for the airport in a few minutes! This is an experimental book tour; I’m only traveling with a carry-on bag and a big purse. Am bringing my iPad instead of a laptop. Traveling so light feels a little weird and a little scary, to be honest. So stay tuned.

I’ll try to blog everyday. And I will be tweeting constantly. (Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/halseanderson) If you check my Twitter feed for this morning, you’ll see a pic of my dogs with my suitcase.

What questions do you want me to answer about being on a book tour?

5 Replies to “Let the Forge book tour begin!”

  1. Good luck on the tour! Did you buy the special keyboard to go with the iPad, or are you going to use the keyboard that is on the screen?

  2. I am super excited. I can’t wait to pick up my copy of Forge. Good luck with the tour.

  3. Good Luck as you begin touring, Laurie.

    I also must thank you (profusely) for talking about BookFest @ Bank Street in one of your blogs a few weeks back. I signed up, albeit too late, but was given a call this week that someone dropped out and there is now an opening for me! I’m looking forward to the entire day’s events, but am especially excited to hear you speak…and have my copy of Forge signed! 🙂

    Happy Travels!,

  4. I wanted to share my blog review of Forge with you; I loved Chains so much–and Forge was just as exciting! Here is a link to my post:


    My blog specializes in reviewing historical fiction for young people; I enjoyed your post about historical thrillers although I’m afraid not all historical fiction would qualify for that label (I immediately thought of Sarah Plain and Tall for example! )

    Best wishes on your book tour!

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